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Positive phrases for encouraging someone


In life, there are many situations which make us sad and feel low. At that moment when someone encourages us with their positive words, we feel light and happy.  Don’t we? We encourage people playing sports, while building relationships with friends, family, colleagues, and while working. In the same manner, when your friend or your loved one feels low, you try to encourage them with positive words by complimenting and appreciating them. In today’s blog, we will explain positive English phrases that will help you improve English communication skills.

you can do it

4 Phrases that should be used for encouraging people

1. Keep it up

Keep it up means to stay at the same level or pace as something.  It also means to continue doing well. You can use this phrase when someone has already been doing a good job with something, and you want them to continue doing the same.


You did well in this semester. Keep it up!


2. You can do it!

This phrase is used when someone doubts their abilities. You can do it is used to make someone feel confident and determined. It tells them that they’re able to do something.  “Yes I/we can!” means almost the same as “We can do it.”


I think this interview is going to be tough.
Don’t worry, you can do it.


3. I can tell you worked really hard on this

When someone puts a lot of time and effort into something, they deserve a recognition and appreciation. This phrase lets you know that they have spent a lot of time working on something.


You worked really hard on the monthly editorial. Good job done!


4. Don’t give up

Many times, instead of telling someone what to do, we tell them what not to do. There are many encouraging phrases that begin with the word “don’t,” such as “Don’t stop!” or “Don’t lose hope!”  However, to “give up” means to lose hope and stop trying. When you do the same thing many times and fail or don’t get the desired result, you lose hope. At that time if someone says you “Don’t give up!” it motivates you.

A: I can’t remember a single dance step.  I don’t know if I can remember this by the end of the week.
B: Don’t give up!


These are few English phrases that can be used to encourage someone and boost their confidence. Using these phrases can not only improve your communication skills but also improve your English speaking skills.

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-By Chander Madan

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