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How to negotiate a higher starting salary?


In an attempt to stand out, you try to make all the possible right impressions and moves to secure the job you've got your eyes on. All these efforts make complete sense when you've managed to cut the competition off and secure the job you've craved for. Yes! Your excitement knows no bounds yet a basic 'professional courtesy' would require you to just smile with confidence and shake hands with the employer on having taken you on board.


Level one- complete!

 Level one was the part where you were required to secure your position in the company. This level is overcome when you ooze with comfort and confidence and can prove your capabilities .


Level two- Negotiating over the salary.

This could get a little daunting yet it is essential that both the employer as well as the employee agree upon one amount to seal the deal. It is always smart to negotiate and start the discussion at a higher starting rate than you expect yet at the same time make sure it is not an unrealistic demand you are putting forth. The best way to ensure you are within boundary with the demand is to refer to your present salary scale and work using that as the minimum threshold.

Let's take a look at a few 'Do's and Don'ts that you need to be aware of while speaking with the employer about your salary and market value and to his organization.


1. Don't feel reluctant about asking for a higher salary than being offered due to any of the following reasons:

o Low self- esteem,

o Lack of confidence, or

o The common fear that many face in the interview room.

2. Don't restrict yourself with the fear and anxiety of receiving 'no' for an answer.

3. Don't be loud and rigid about what your expectation is, instead keep the amount you've mentioned negotiable.


1. Just because you are showing your disapproval in the offer extended on their behalf does not mean you speak with fear. Make sure to speak in a mediocre tone, not seeming like you're imposing but instead re- assuring that you know what you're talking about and you believe that is your worth.

2. Speak in fluent English, as attending an interview with frequent stammers throughout proves you to not be a confident candidate which is a BIG 'No- No' on the interview table.  

3. Keeping the English simple, just speak in Basic English to avoid any mishaps or negative pointers.

4. Pull out your ace card by pinpointing to your employer why he/ she should re- consider the offer and resort to a hike. Draw out all the elements that make you worth the salary you've put forth.

5. Maintain a good flow in your communication. A recommended advice would be to polish your spoken English skills, as a well-spoken interviewee is a great prospect. Embrace the English language and watch the improvement you make in barely no time.


Make sure to know the lowest salary you will accept and the highest amount the4 company would like to pay you as per your qualifications. Do not get confused or fumble while carrying out the business opportunity and monitory aspect. Be open to negotiation and if your luck strikes, you will get exactly what you've expected from the start.


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- By Monika Agarwal

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