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How to explain your product to a customer?


You are the sales executive at Vijay Sales and in charge of the LED TV Section. A customer walks in and shows signs of being interested in a model. So what will be your next step? You should take the initiative and approach the customer. By explaining the product in fluent English, you have a better chance of converting a prospective customer into a confirmed sale.

Things to keep in mind when explaining your product to a customer:

1. Simple Explanation

Use simple English Language to explain your product. If you use high technological terms, the customer will be put off and less inclined to purchase. Adapt your English vocabulary according to the situation.

2. Handle doubts

The customer is likely to have doubts. Be patient and politely explain the doubts no matter how silly. The customer will appreciate your helping nature and will be more inclined to purchase the product.

Follow the below Sample conversation to find the best way to explain your product.

Sample Conversation:

Situation: A customer likes a Samsung LED TV, but isn't too sure whether it's the right choice.

You: "Hello Sir, that's a wonderful TV selection."

Customer: "What makes you say so?"

You: "The Samsung brand is the world leader in Television. Their latest LED TV offerings give the best and latest in TV technology."

Customer: "That is fine. But I am not sure whether it's the right fit for me. Can you explain to me more about this particular TV?"

You: "Sure! This model is Samsung LED 23 inch TV. The LED is advancement from the current LCD version. It gives more clarity, better picture display and is not harmful for the eyes."

Customer: "How is it not harmful for the eyes?"

You: "LED uses special backlights to cover up the gamma rays. This leads to a lighting system that is convenient to the eyes. Older models don't have these capacities."

Customer: "That's nice, what are all the extra features?"

You: "This model has inbuilt USB hub, cable connection, plug and play port and High definition capacity."

Customer: "Can I watch high definition movies from the hard drive directly?"

You: "Sure. You just need to plug in your drive and you can watch movies directly from there."

Customer: "Wow. This seems perfect for me. Thank for your explanation. Please package this TV."

You: "My pleasure."

The above conversation shows clearly how to explain a product to your customer. Furbish your English speaking skills and give a confident explanation. You can take the assistance of an online English Tutor.

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- By Monika Agarwal

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