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How to explain charges to a guest?


As a hotel staff, you would come across numerous types of clients that walk into your hotel for a reservation. Some of which would be business tycoons, and the others visitors or tourists. You might come across a handful of guests that would speak in a different language than your own; however, a maximum number of them would definitely speak in English. Therefore, it is extremely important for you to speak in fluent English and keep your English communication skills at its ace.

When a guest approaches you for a word, it's extremely important that you welcome them with a warm smile. Make them feel comfortable and go ahead with the formalities of check in as soon as the guest is ready to proceed. At this point, it is also crucial to lay the facts accurately and precisely.  Give them in writing about the hotel's billing policy and other significant facts. While doing so there are three crucial aspects to keep in mind:

1. Politeness: While explaining the billing policy, be polite and cultured. Understand the fact that 'charges' is quite a sensitive term and hence, the route of explaining it too should be well thought of and simple.

2. Clarity: You are the first point of contact with the hotel and hence are required to ensure you have the clarity and supremacy of communication. Stress on communicating the finer details to the guest, related to charges that will be applicable. In addition, do make sure to spell out the complimentary goodies while check-in.

3. Warm smile: Talking about the charges isn't something that is very favorable from the guest point of view. So, very tactfully approach the guest about the same with a smile. Make sure to keep that warm smile throughout the conversation and help your guest understand the overall billing concept of your hotel.

When you are the front desk, you will have to go conduct a string of conversations throughout the day. The question is... Are your spoken English communication skills impressive enough to meet the needs of the hotel?

A conversation example to help you understand and tackle the situation effectively:


You're seated at the front desk and a business guest enters. As soon as you exchange pleasantries, he begins to ask you about your hotel's charges. How should you carry the conversation forward?

You: Good Morning Sir. Welcome to XYZ Luxury Hotel! Hope you've had a great flight. (Only if the guest has entered with his bags, ask him about his flight journey)

Guest: Good Morning. Oh yes, I've had a good flight. Thank you.

You: Sir, Do you have a reservation with us?

Guest: Well, no. It was a sudden plan of action. Do you have a room available?

You: Just a moment Sir. I will check.

(A few seconds later...)

You: Yes Sir. A room for one or two?

Guest: For one please.

You: Sure.

Guest: Before heading up to my room, could you please assist me with the format of charges followed here? It's my first stay at your hotel, so I am not well acquainted with the principles.

You: My pleasure, sir. You would be charged for the room, the lunch, the dinner and if you have any special orders besides the basic complimentary then we charge you for the same.

Guest: That sounds fair enough.

You: The good news is that we provide you with a complimentary welcome drink, alcoholic/ non- alcoholic, depending on your preference that awaits you in your room. Besides that, we offer a free of cost breakfast throughout your stay with us and one spa session that you can enjoy, as and when you find the time.

Guest: Wow! I have never been extended so many goodies in any hotel that I stayed in.

You: Well Sir, we believe in keeping our guests happy and ensuring they have a relaxing and rejuvenating stay with us!

Guest: I am sure you're doing a good job.

You: We certainly work towards that. Your bags have reached your room; the bellboy will escort you to the room. Hope you have a great stay with us.

Guest: Thank you so much. The service is proactive and I already love it!

That's it! You've been forthcoming about your hotel's charges, maintaining a politeness throughout the conversation. Simple, precise and informative is the route you need to adapt. Maintain an English speaking fluency and convey your message across with a soft, welcoming smile.

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- By Monika Agarwal

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