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How would you ask for "volunteers" to organize a college farewell?


A farewell party is held for numerous occasions, including leaving work, the country or even your college for that matter. Organizing a farewell party isn't very different from organizing any other party and hence you need to consider getting systematic. Whatever your big plan is, ensure to keep intact the honor of the person or people leaving.

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Giving a farewell party usually gets depressing, as you need to bid a goodbye to the person / people leaving. However, if your party is full of fun and frolic, it would make the farewell simpler and enjoyable. Nevertheless, organizing a party is not a cakewalk, especially if it's something on a large scale. That's when you need to ask for help and get 'volunteers' to help smoothen the process.

The art of asking for volunteers:

Organizing a farewell party like the one in college will require you to have at least a team of 10 volunteers. How would you ask them to give you a hand in simple English? Fret not! The below-mentioned conversation example will teach you just that. Read on.

volunteers wanted

Conversation sample to ask for volunteers to organize a college farewell:

Raj- Hi, everyone. I'm Raj the organizing head of the farewell party. As we all know, we have the farewell party coming up for our seniors' fifteen days later. We as juniors are planning to throw them a party that they will remember for the rest of their lives.

Tina- Wow. That's great! Can we help you in organizing?

Raj- Yes of course. That's the deal! We want you guys to come up with incredible party ideas, themes, plans, games, whatever you can think of. All your ideas are welcome! Also, if you could, we would love to have a few of you guys take control and join us in all the organizing required throughout the fifteen days before the final celebration.

Aaron- That's perfect. I could take a heads up from people who are interested in joining the organizing committee. All I need to know is how many volunteers are you guys looking for?

Raj- See, we need about eight to ten volunteers to be precise. This will be for the traveling, putting together the music, and the seating arrangement. We would also need a few girls to assist us in the decoration, the gift wrapping and the setting of the place. Aaron could you please get us the list of names of the students who are interested? We will begin work instantly on having the list in hand.

Aaron- Certainly. Give us a few moments; I'll drop by in the canteen with the list later.

Raj- Perfect. Thank you guys for being so proactive! Hope we make this bash a memorable one.


Farewells should be filled with warm wishes and memories from near and dear ones. However, asking for help and assistance should be communicated in fluent English as you need to put across the message to your friends about what and how to go about the entire celebration bit. You could also take the help of an online spoken English course to better your spoken English communication skills, giving you the confidence you thrive for.

English language is simple, just keep aside your inhibitions and speak the language with sheer buoyancy.

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- By Chander Madan

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