Tips for planning JAM session


In today’s competitive and busy world, it is not easy to get a job in an MNC company. As there are many candidates who apply on a daily basis, it becomes difficult for the HR to conduct the interviews. Hence, they conduct various rounds and the one who clears reaches the final round. These rounds include group discussions, written tests, and a JAM session. While you might be aware of tests and group discussions, JAM can be described as a short form of just a minute session. In a JAM session, a candidate is given a topic or sometimes asked to choose a topic on their own and asked to speak on it for a minute.

Jam session

This test helps the interviewer judge the candidate on various factors. One of them is your Spoken English skills. You, as a candidate are required to have a fluent and clear English speaking skills. The interviewer will check the below skills:

Time management
Communication skills
Flow of thoughts
Flow of speech
Spontaneity & GK

In this blog, we will provide tips for planning a JAM session which will help you get the job. Your English knowledge is important to describe or express your views in an articulate manner. Remember to wear a smile and confidence in your face.

1. You can begin with a thank you note.

2. Describe the topic in simple language.

3. Avoid long sentences and complex vocabulary.

4. Speak with a clear voice.

5. Don’t use negative words and sentences.

6. Prepare a few common JAM topics in advance as it will help you when the interviewer asks to choose a topic on your own.

7. Give brief details- past/present/future of the topic.

8. Use proper grammar.

9. Keep it straight and simple.

10. Conclude with a thanking note.

Some of the common topics you can prepare for is

Your role Model
How to prevent child labor?
What is the Internet?
Your favorite book?
Indian marriage system
Your favorite city
Time management
Recently watched movie
Men and women equal
Daily life

These are some tips for planning a JAM session. The above-mentioned points will help you get a clear picture of how to maintain an English fluency throughout. Also, while delivering the speech ensure you have your English communication skills at its very best to refrain from making unwanted errors. In addition, understand the fact that practice makes perfect and hence, developing and improving your spoken English skills will help you describe a JAM session with utmost ease and confidence.

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- By Chander Madan

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