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Do you know these English Travel Idioms? – Part two


In the previous blog, we explained some interesting travel idioms. In today’s blog, we will explain some more travel idioms that will help to improve English communication skills. Let us learn those travel idioms.

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8 Travel Idioms you must know

1. Road rage: anger or violence towards other drivers.


While returning from Pune, our driver had a road rage with the other driver.

Earlier today a man was arrested for attacking a motorist in a road rage incident.

2. At fork in the road: point where an important decision must be made.


After completing my 12th exams I reached a fork in the road where I had to decide about my future.

In life, there comes a fork in the road where you have to take decisions  without hesitation.

3. My way or the highway: no alternative way to the way I want to do things.


My boss always insists us to work according to his way or the highway.

Rani is a very clever girl. She thinks others to work as her way or the highway.

4. On the home stretch: approaching the end of a task.


The employees are almost on the home stretch.

She has always been there for me during this project from start to the home stretch.

5. To beat the traffic: to leave earlier than others in order to avoid the traffic.


To be on time, you should always beat the traffic.

Rakhi always reaches late to the office, because she never beats the traffic.

6. To get the show on the road: to begin the activity that has already been planned.

Finally, I get the show on the road which is to be finished on 10th of this month.

Please get the show on the road, we don’t have much time.

7. To hitch a ride: to raise your thumb indicating for a ride.

Due to a damage to our car, we had to hitch a ride.

Preeti got late to reach today because she had to hitch a ride.

8. Take a ride: to cheat someone


You will not benefit by taking a ride.

Nowadays, we cannot trust anyone as everyone takes a ride.

These are the travel idioms which will help improve your English. Regular practice and proper usage can improve your English communication skills like a native speaker.

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- By Shailja Varma

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