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How to Talk About a Book you’ve Read Recently?


Being an avid reader will have all your friends run to you for recommendations, to know which books are worth a read, and to know about the book you are reading at present. No matter which of the above question gets flung your way, you are required to be prepared. Having a good and in depth knowledge of books pushes you up the ladder of conversing and speaking in good English.

Talk about Book

Books as company

There could be numerous reasons why you read, it could be for pleasure ,interest ,hobby or simply to read the language. There is no book that can be tagged as an ideal book to read. Every book possesses its own charm and reading level. For a reader, a book makes the perfect company; some of them consider books better company than their own companions. Those are dedicated readers, who surrender themselves to the love and passion of reading.

Reading: A splendid tool to learn English

One of the best forms of practicing how to speak in English very well is reading. Reading will not only bring about a significant development in your spoken English skills but also improve your vocabulary beyond bounds. In no time you will be able to incorporate those words in your English speaking and win over many, by your spoken English vocabulary.

Let's take a look at a well- spoken example:

Situation: You're seated in a library, a stranger passes by and comes back to your table. She's curious about the book you're reading as she's heard a few good things about it. She happens to ask you about the book you're engrossed in, let's see how the conversation proceeds.

Read Book

Penny: Excuse me, Hey! I am sorry if I'm interrupting. Can I speak to you for a minute?

Hi, sure. Tell me.

Penny: I am extremely intrigued about the book you're reading. I tried looking around for the same but was unable to find it in the library.

Sheldon: Well, yes. This book has only one copy available in here.

Penny: Could you tell me more about the book?

Sheldon: Sure, grab a chair. The book is based on the story of the author, it's not an autobiography yet adopts a real life experience of a few life changing experiences the author has been through. He has very interestingly crafted  fictitious characters to give the story that extra added edge.

Penny: Sounds interesting and unconventional.

Sheldon: I would love to go ahead and spill out the entire story to you but that would kill your fun of reading the book.

Penny: Nope. I'm good with what you've told me, I am certain now that I want to read it. Thank you for the description and just so you know, you have an amazing gift called 'the art of describing'.

Sheldon: Thank you. Happy reading!


A well- read example of a conversation in fluent English describing the book you're currently reading. Isn't it simple? Well, that's as simple as the English language gets.

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- By Monika Agarwal

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