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How to apologize for your rude behavior?


The world is full of different kinds of people. Some of them are really humble, sweet and nice whereas some happen to be abrupt, aggressive and rude. Of course, we all know that it is not easy dealing with a rude individual, but unfortunately there are times that make us rude ourselves. Some situations come up that compel you to get into a rude streak and make you lose your temper.

Needless to say that you cannot control the rude behavior put up by others, however, you can work on your rude endeavors by making amends with those that you've hurt brutally. Let's take a look at a sample conversation that you can resort to as and when you lose your cool.

The art of apologizing for your rude behavior:

On losing your temper, do not play the blame game instead regain your composure and hold intact your self-respect on the defense front. When apologizing, do it with sincerity and earnestness. The example given below will show you just how:

Situation 1

You've asked your husband to pick your child up from school and he forgot. You're agitated and have given your husband a stinker call sounding all rude and bad-mannered. Later you realize that you've overreacted as half an hour is not such a big deal because there are many children still at school. You've tried calling him to apologize but he isn't picking your call. How should you ideally apologize through a text message in fluent English?

Example 1

Richie, I am so sorry. I owe you an apology for my rude behavior. I kind of overreacted as I got scared and panicked. You didn't deserve to be spoken like that  and I know it was a genuine mistake on your end. I am not too sure if you will want to talk to me for a while, especially after all those accusations I put on you. I sincerely didn't mean to and all my rude behavior was due to my fear of little Shasha staying back at school alone. I'm sorry yet again; do get in touch with me when you're done with work.

Sorry and love you hubby!

Situation 2

You see your best friend talking to one of the girls you hate the most. The sight of your most beloved and your most hated ignites a rage in you. You call your best friend and blast her for sharing a word or two with the female you hate. You accuse her of knowing that you didn't like that girl for a reason and yet you befriend her in spite of it all. Soon you realize that it's not such a big deal and you could have just let it pass. Here is an apology on a phone call in simple English.

Example 2

You- Hi Trisha. I've called to apologize.

Trisha- About?

You- I know you're really mad at me for calling you all sorts of names and accusing you blatantly for no rhyme or reason.

Trisha- Frankly Nina, I thought it was uncalled for. She was just asking me a few questions about my company as she is planning on changing her job and was looking for something in the same field.

You- I know, I have realized that it was wrong of me to do so. Please forgive me, I promise to never let this happen again.

Trisha- It's okay honey! We're good and these little things do not really matter. See you soon.

You- Thanks Trish! Love you... See ya!

A simple apology works better than a complicated one. Strap on your English communication skills and show the world that you are a good person indeed. You could also learn a few new words from the English language and add them to your apology making it more polished and exotic!

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- By Monika Agarwal

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