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Child Birth


What is mean by Parturition?

Parturition is a less well-known term for labor and delivery or giving birth. It is used not just for humans, but in many species that bear live young.


Human Childbirth

Human Childbirth is the culmination of a human pregnancy. It is the gestation period by giving birth to one or more newborn infants from a mother’s uterus. Normal child birth is categorized in three stages of labour:

  • The shortening and dilation of the cervix
  • descent and birth of the infant
  • and birth of the placenta.
  • Caesarean section(C section) is the surgical incision in the abdomen to give birth to a baby rather than through vaginal birth. C section applied in critical conditions only. For example, low BP of mother, reduced water level in the uterus, slow heart rate of fetus, placental knot on baby’s neck, accidents and etc.. 


Signs and symptoms of Child Birth

  • Intense and prolonged pain.
  • Pain levels vary widely among women.
  • Fear and anxiety increases the pain level.
  • Prior childbirth, age  and  physical environment also matters.
  • Pain during delivery of a baby is commonly called as ‘Labor Pain’.


Psychological impact

Strong emotions of the mother matters a lot. It may be both positive and negative emotions. But it has its role on delivery. Prayers, yoga and mild exercises help to overcome the emotional stress. Most women feel joy and releief from tensions of bearing a child after the delivery. But some women may have post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after birth.

Between 70 and 80% of mothers in the United States report some feelings of sadness or "baby blues" after childbirth.

Postpartum depression may develop in some women; about 10% of mothers in the United States are diagnosed with this condition. Abnormal and persistent fear of childbirth is known as tokophobia.

But in India, mostly all women are feeling very happy and feel like an achievement and they don’t have any tensions or bad feelings.

bio_prenatal016Childbirth is stressful for not only mother but also for the infant. In breech birth child may have more stress than the normal stress and it may sometimes affect the infant's brain. Vacuum extraction and forceps delivery also has offer some discomfort to child during child birth. Placental knot around the child’s neck may sometime leads to the breathing trouble followed by death. Twins or triplets in the mother’s womb may raise the stress level to both mother and the babies.

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