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How to manage an appointment?


Managing an appointment is a task where the concerned person has to think about both the parties who will take part in the meeting. It is essential to understand the perspectives of both. He/she is supposed to consider the entire schedule connected with the meeting.
While making an appointment, the person should consider the four phases, which are briefly explained as follows.


1. Making appointments

This phase will consume  most of your time because it might happen that both the parties may have a busy schedule that is they do not have a common free time e.g. Party A is free at 3 PM but party B is not free till 5 PM. Therefore, here requesting for an appointment and suggesting the day and time which is favorable for both the parties, becomes crucial.

Following sentences can be used while communicating with the parties.

1. Can we arrange for a meeting on Friday evening?
2. If possible, can you meet us today at 2 pm in the cafeteria close to your office?
3. Is Monday morning convenient for you?
4. Would last day of this month suit you?

2. Agreeing

If the suggested time and place is convenient and suitable for both the parties, following phrases can be used.

1. Yes, sure. Friday evening will be perfect for a meeting.
2. Ok, that’s fine.
3. Yes, it will be convenient for both of us.

3. Declining and Suggesting

If the suggested time is not convenient for you, it is important to decline and suggest an alternative schedule. You can take the help of following phrases.

1. Friday seems to be difficult for us to attend the meeting rather we can meet you on Thursday.
2. Some urgent work has come up; can we postpone the schedule of meeting to Monday?

4. Cancelling and Changing

If the suggested time is not convenient for either of the party, it is important to change or cancel the schedule of meeting. You can take help of following phrases.

1. Today I am tied up with work, so can we arrange the meeting on Wednesday?
2. I am afraid, I have to go for one more meeting within next 15 minutes. Shall we continue the meeting after 4 pm?

Hope the above explanation was helpful for you to know about managing appointments. This way such effective communication will not only help you to manage the things in your profession but also create a good impression in front of others. For more articles related to English Grammar and phrases just browse through our other blogs and articles and download our Simple English App which will make your learning simpler and enjoyable.

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- By Chander Madan

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