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How to ask for a favor?


An inevitable fact of life is that we cannot do everything. There will be a moment in everyone's life that will require them to ask for help or assistance. However, it is important to know and learn the art of asking for a favor, especially when you are speaking in English. Also, try to understand that if you speak with politeness and grace, your chances of getting the required help increases. This is an informative article that will help you score a favor very conveniently.

how to ask a favor

Tips to ask for a favor:

1. Be polite- Since you are the one asking for the favor, you should be the polite and gentle one. For starters be sure to start your sentence with a 'please' and end it with a 'thank you'. At the same time, remember that the English language is tricky and hence, refrain from starting with a negative statement like, "I am sure you probably can't, but could you please...?"

always say thank you

2. The word game- As a non- native English speaker, it is important for you to understand the concept of word play before heading into the asking for a favor arena. The word game basically refers to using appropriate words in putting your requirement forward. Make sure to make use of simple English and a smile, as that could bring about a positive result.

3. Add the personal touch- If it's possible, make sure to ask for a favor face-to-face, instead of acting all cowardly and doing it over the phone. Also pay heed to the fact that if the response is positive, you should put across a 'thank you' right then and there. You could also send the person a personal text message later thanking him/ her genuinely.

Add the personal touch

Do's and Don'ts when asking for a favor:

1. One of the basic do's is to stick to the fundamentals and extend a genuine 'please' and 'thank you'.

2. Be prepared for both a positive as well as a negative response, as either could turn your way.

3. If the response is negative, you should abstain from making the individual feel guilty.

4. The more direct you are, the better it is for you to put forth a request. Also, be sure to make use of basic English rather than a complicated vocabulary.

5. Make earnest efforts to do as much as you can before asking for help. This will show that you did work hard, however, lacked somewhere.

6. Never point out that you had helped the individual some time back and that now it is payback time.

Be aware that you need to be attentive and alert when asking a favor from someone. Try to focus on your English communication skills, to ensure you do not make an error while conversing your need for help. Lastly, we understand the fact that for many asking for a favor could be a daunting task and hence, know that if you've placed your request with complete politeness, you've got plenty of potential to have the helper aid you in your time of need.

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- By Chander Madan

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