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Vocabulary to be used when describing gadgets


In today’s life, we can’t live without gadgets like mobiles, laptop, computer, Wi-Fi and many other devices. The use of technology has been increasing with each passing day. It is essential to know proper words related to gadgets. Let’s see some of those words.


Tech-savvy words

1. Portable hard drive: the removable hard disk/pen drive

E.g. Portable hard drive is very easy to carry and beneficial for essential file storage.

2. USB (Universal Serial Bus): a cable which is used to connect computer and mobile phone

E.g. We can access the files on mobile phones by connecting it to the computer using USB cable.

3. Cellphone/Smartphone/iPhone: These are the different names for a Mobile Phone which are changing with time and technology.

E.g. An iPhone has a brand image all over the world in mobile phone categories.

4. iPod: It’s a device used for listening to music.

E.g. iPod is a brand of Apple for listening to music. It consists of a good storage capacity.

5. iPad: It’s nothing but the tablet computer which is designed and marketed by Apple Inc.

E.g. iPad is very efficient to use for  videos,  photos,  music, and Internet functions, such as web-browsing and emailing.

6. Digital Camera: This camera encodes the digital images and videos digitally and stores them.

E.g. The sale of digital cameras is increasing day by day.

7. Projector: The device is used for showcasing presentations and movies. This is very popular device in the field of education.

8. Mp3: It’s an audio coding format and a common audio format for consumer audio streaming or storage.

E.g. Mp3 is a sound format designed by Motion Picture Expert Group.

9. Laptop/Notebook: These devices are same but they differ in size. Laptops are large in size as compared to notebooks.

E.g. Currently, notebook computers are more in demand as compared to Laptops due to their light weight.

10. Video Game: It’s a virtual or digital game, played by connecting it to the T.V.

E.g. Sony PlayStation is a category of Video Games.

11. Joystick: It is nothing but a remote control used for handling different steps while playing a video game.

E.g. Joystick is needed to be connected to T.V.

12. Wireless Headset: This is also one more device which has become a trend for youngsters for listening to music and even to communicate.

E.g. Wireless headset works on Bluetooth technology.

Hope the above  vocabulary words are helpful in undertanding the gadgets . Just browse through our other related articles of different categories which will help you learn more about vocabulary and enhance your spoken English skills.

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-By Shailja Varma

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