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English Idioms Used in the Corporate World


A number of idioms are used in the corporate world and if you are not familiar with these corporate buzzwords, it will become difficult for you to understand the conversation. Today let us look at the most common corporate jargons that are generally used in a workplace. Jargons can be words or expressions that are used by professionals. Earlier, business jargons were peculiar to a specific business, but now, we can see these words used by non-specialists as well.

10 Common corporate jargons explained

1. Cut-throat – mainly used to describe something that’s intense.

For ex: To get admission in that college is difficult, there is a cut-throat competition.

2. Game plan – used to describe a business strategy or plan.

For ex: They have yet to decide a game plan for the upcoming presentation.

3. Big picture – used to describe a situation from a whole perspective

For ex: We never lost sight of the big picture while attending to our individual duties.

4. To be on the same page – used to find out whether the team or people involved have the same understanding.

For ex: He summarized the whole idea twice to make sure everybody was on the same page

5. Leverage – To take advantage of something or a situation

For ex: The sales team needs to leverage from the growing demand of smart phones.

6. Ballpark – used to describe an estimate which is tentative or an approximate number/figure

For ex: Can you give me a ballpark figure on the achievement of your targets?

7. Face time – when conducting a meeting in-person

For ex: Manager has requested me for a face-time with the CEO.

8. Cut corners – means to find a cheaper or affordable way to do a thing

For ex: We need to cut corners on our luxury budget

9. Fifty-fifty – means a situation that could have a fifty-fifty outcome or equal division.

For ex: I could say we have a fifty-fifty chance of winning the contract.

10. Go the extra mile – means to put extra efforts.

For ex: We have to go the extra mile if we plan to win back our customers.

In conclusion

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- By Chander Madan

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