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How to take reservations by phone?


The first step towards making a profit in the Hotel Industry is being able to attract sufficient guests to walk through your door. Can you imagine what it would be like to be able to woo your customers just by your spoken English skills and draw in as much as customers as possible. Well, you certainly have that opportunity, read on to know how!

On having a customer calling at the reception with a request of making a reservation, you should know, it is time to speak English well. As a receptionist of a luxury hotel, you are expected to go beyond basic English and communicate with an air of sophistication.




Let us look at a few dialogues that you could make use of:


1. Receptionist: Welcome to Royal Orchid Hotels, you are speaking to Kim. How may I help you?

Caller: I want to make a reservation.


2. Receptionist: What is the date you are considering?

Caller: I would like to make a reservation for tomorrow...


3.Receptionist: Thanks. May I know the number of days you are planning to book a room?

Caller: Three days, from 15 -18 Sept.


4. Receptionist: Would you prefer a smoking or a non- smoking room?

Caller: A non- smoking room please.


5. Caller: How do I finalize this reservation?

Receptionist: To confirm your reservation, we will need you to disclose your credit card number.




The above-mentioned are some of the common questions that are enquired by customers over the phone.


Let us look at an ideal English conversational example to help you effectively handle a situation as such:


Receptionist: Thank you for calling Royal Orchid. This is Kim, how may I help?


Caller: Hi Kim. I am looking to book a room for September 28, 29 and 30.


Receptionist: Sounds good Sir. I will check for availability right away. Please hold on for a minute.


Caller: Sure. Also, make sure it is a non- smoking room with a double bed. We're a family of three.


Receptionist: Yes Sir, worry not! All our rooms have double beds. The tariff for one night is Rs. 15,000.


Caller: No problem. Let me know the formalities I need to fulfill to confirm this reservation right away.


Receptionist: Sir, all you have to do is provide me with your Full name and your credit card number. Your reservation will be confirmed and you will receive a confirmation mail a few minutes later.


Caller: Wow! That is simple. Great!


Receptionist: Our pleasure, Sir. Just go through the 'Terms and Conditions' in the mail and check in on the confirmed date.


Caller: Sure. Will do the same. Thanks Kim, it was a pleasure speaking to you.


Receptionist: Same here, Sir. Hope you have a comfortable stay at Royal Orchid, thank you for calling.




While taking reservations make sure to check all the requisite information about room availability and the dates that are being spoken about. It is crucial for you to be well versed with English language when it comes to answering calls and fulfilling all their queries and doubts effectively. Do not let your English communication skills hinder your customer relationships, as you are the face of the company.


In addition, it is your responsibility to make reservations and drive footfall to your hotel. Put your best words forward and leave an imprint on your customers.


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- By Monika Agarwal


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