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Vocabulary to be used when describing your favourite newspaper


A newspaper is a serial publication which contains news, informative articles and advertisements. Reading newspaper provides us with the information around the world. There are various types of news printed in the newspaper like political, business, finance, sports etc. The benefits of reading a newspaper are enormous. We can not only improve our English but also add various new words to our vocabulary list and learn a new writing style.

Father is reading the newspaper and son wants to know about the newspaper and vocabulary related to it.

Conversation between son and dad:
Son: Good morning dad!

Dad: Good morning, son.
Son: Dad, what are you doing?
Dad: I am reading the newspaper to know the news.
Son: Which newspaper are you reading?
Dad: The Times of World.
Son: Oh. What are you reading in the newspaper?
Dad: I am going through headlines (extra-large font across top of front page) of the newspaper.
Son: Okay. What more things are given in the newspaper?
Dad: After headlines there is a lead (First paragraph of a story, usually telling the 5 W’s (who, what, when, where and why) and H (how)).
Son: How do they publish the news? Why isn’t this news (pointing towards the not so important news) published in a bigger font?
Dad: There are news holes (Space in a newspaper allocated to news) allocated for every news. This is a broadsheet (full-size newspaper, averaging six columns to a page) and this space is allocated to important news about a big topic like railway budget or an election.
Son: Now I know why are big news printed here. Wow, this image is so beautiful. What is this image all about?
Dad: Dear, read the caption/cutline (Lines under a photograph which explain what the picture is about).
Son: Okay. What else does this newspaper have?
Dad: It has everything from puzzles to international news. For example, it has comic strip (Three- or four-panel drawings that tell a story, usually humorous) for kids.
Son: Dad, that’s amazing. Thank you for explaining me about the newspaper.
Dad: You are welcome, son. Don’t forget to read other news articles printed in the paper.

From the above conversation we have learned some vocabulary to describe the newspaper. We must keep on reading them as they give us knowledge about world and on the other side it helps you to improve your overall communication skills.

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- By Chander Madan

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