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How to describe your favourite music?


Everyone loves listening to music. It is one of the most favourite past time hobbies. Music makes our lives exciting and vibrant. It also soothes our mind and relaxes tension and stress. Life without music would be very boring and unexciting. We listen to many types of music including various instruments and genres. But we hardly use any music vocabulary to describe our favorite music.  In today’s blog, we will explain words that can be used for describing music in English.


10 must know Music Vocabs

1. Classical music

Classical music refers to a genre of music that is produced or originated in the traditions of Western music, including both religious and secular music.

E.g. My grandmother prefers listening to classical music.

2. Background music

Music that is played at a low volume and is not the main focus of an audience is also referred to as background music. Traditional examples of background music include music played at various social gatherings . It is also common to employ background music in various electronic media including film, television, and Internet videos such as video blogs.
E.g. The background music in the horror movie doubles the horror effect.

3. Tambourine

Tambourine is a music instrument with metal discs that bangs when hit or shaken.

E.g. Many singers prefer using a tambourine while singing.

4. Yodel

Yodel is a form of singing which changes from a very high voice to normal.

E.g.  Kishore Kumar was known for his yodelling.

5. Live Music

Live music is listened while it is being performed.

E.g. We had two passes of Arijit Singh’s live music concert.

6. Reggae music

Reggae music is a form of popular pop music. It originated in Jamaica and is created by combining the elements of calypso and rhythm and blues with a strongly stressed offbeat.

E.g. Bob Marley was the first internationally known reggae musician.

7. Four-on-the-floor

A four-on-the-floor is a rhythm pattern which is gradually and consistently accentuated beat in 4/4 time. The bass drum is hit on every beat (1, 2, 3, 4) in common time. This type of music is used in edm (electronic dance music) and disco.

E.g. I have never experienced four-on-the-four music type.

8. Gangsta rap

It is a type of rap music which often refers to violence in urban gang life.

E.g. Have you listened to the latest gangsta rap?

9. EDM

EDM refers to Electronic Dance Music. It is generally a set of percussive electronic music genres created for dance-based entertainment environments, such as nightclubs.

E.g. I love Friday night EDM in nightclubs.

10. Rock band

A rock band is a group of musicians who play rock music.

E.g. My favourite rock band is coming to India next month.

With the help of above vocabularies, you can describe your favourite music to your friends and family. It is essential to have a decent command over English language to make your communication effective. You can join an online Spoken English course and improve your English speaking skills.

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-By Chander Madan

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