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Must know everyday English phrases – Part 1


In our last blog, we learnt about 20 everyday phrases that are generally used in conversations. In today’s blog, we’ll learn some more English phrases.


Must know everyday English phrases and how to use them in sentences.

1. Get it out of your system - to do something you’ve wanted to do for a long time.
Ex. Get this out of your system and then start afresh.

2. Pull yourself together – to calm down and behave normally.
Ex. Boss is coming so you need to pull yourself together

3. You rock - you are great.
Ex. Today you rocked in the party.

4. When pigs fly - this means that something will never happen.
Ex. In this company, I will be promoted only when the pigs fly.

5. Hit the books – to study very hard.
Ex. In order to clear the exam, he hit the books.

6. Get your head around it - to understand something.
Ex. I need to get my head around it so that I can do the presentation well.

7. Take it with a pinch of salt - regard something as exaggerated, or, only believe a part of something.
Ex. At workplace you should always take situations with a pinch of salt.

8. Sit on a fence - to stay neutral and not take sides.
Ex. He prefers to sit on the fence in the meetings.

9. A stone’s throw – very near.
Ex. My office is just a stone's throw away from my place.

10. No-brainer – an easy decision.
Ex. Throwing him out was a no brainer.

11. Hear on the grapevine - to hear a rumor or unconfirmed story.
Ex. I just heard on the grapevine that she is quitting. Is this right?

12. Comfort food - food that makes you feel better, because it reminds you of your childhood.
Ex. Glucose biscuits are the comfort food for me.

13. Go the extra mile - to make a special effort/try very hard to achieve your goal.
Ex. We need to go an extra mile if we want this promotion.

14. Running on fumes - to continue to stay awake when feeling exhausted.
Ex. I had to run on fumes to complete this presentation.

15. Let your freak flag fly - to let others see your uniqueness.
Ex. To get appreciated at your workplace, you need to let your freak flag fly.

16. Shape up or ship out – to start performing better or leave.
Ex. This is my last warning, either shape up or ship out.

17. Once in a blue moon – something that happens rarely.
Ex. For me ,appreciation from the boss happens once in a blue moon.

18. Hit the nail on the head – when someone says something precisely correct. Ex. Our boss generally hits the nail on the head in the meetings.

19. Piece of cake – when something is easy to do.
Ex. Report writing is a piece of cake for me.

20. Go down in flames - to fail suddenly.
Ex. Inspite of hard work, my project went down in flames.

21. Tar someone with the same brush - to believe that someone has the same bad qualities as others in a group.
Ex. We should never tar someone with the same brush during the meetings.

22. Come out swinging - to be confrontational and strongly defend yourself at the beginning of a debate.
Ex. Very rarely he comes out swinging during meetings.

23. Hang in there - to wait and be patient.
Ex. Just hang in there, your turn will come.

24. Sold me out - let the secret out.
Ex. This project failed because he sold us out.

25. Be tickled pink – to be happy and excited.
Ex. I was tickled pink when I received the news of my promotion.

26. Blow smoke - to exaggerate.
Ex. He often blows smoke in meetings.

27. Cry wolf - to call for help when you don’t need it.
Ex. His habit of crying wolf is very irritating.

28. Be chuffed to bits - to be pleased and happy.
Ex. He was chuffed to bits on hearing the news of his increment.

29. Dig in your heels / stick to your guns - to refuse to compromise or change your mind. She refused to dig in her heels regarding coming early to office.

30. Leave no stone unturned - to do everything you can to achieve your goal.
Ex. He left no stone unturned in order to get this promotion.

These phrases will help you improve your English conversation skills to a great extent.  Keep practicing and use them at appropriate time. Stay tuned for more blogs to improve your spoken English skills.

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- By Shailja Varma

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