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How to motivate a demotivated employee?


English speaking is a skill that one cannot do without in today’s times. Whatever you do, wherever you go, fluent spoken English always comes in handy. For instance, you need to make a complaint regarding some discrepancy in your bank account, how would you do it? You will either write a letter to the bank or lodge a complaint with the call center. For both of these, you will have to use English. Similarly, many day to day chores require one to use their English fluency.


As a spoken English student, you should always look for opportunities to practice and improve your English fluency. Keep your eyes and ears open and grab any opportunity where you can put your English speaking skills to use.

If you are a working professional, your office can be your classroom too! You can have ample practice with your colleagues, manager or the boss. There can be many instances when you will have to use your English speaking skills, and in this blog, we will take an example conversation and how you can perform in it.

Speak English

Practice time

When you have been working for a long time, often one gets frustrated and demotivated. If you have one such colleague or an employee, you can use your English speaking skills to motivate that person. Here is how you can do that.

· Quote an anecdote: You might have personally gone through a phase where you were demotivated? How did you come out of it? You can use your personal experience as an anecdote and help the other person gain inspiration. You can either use your own account or tell it as a motivational story – however you do it, do so in fluent English.

· Use sayings and proverbs: Search for motivational quotes on any search engine and you will get thousands and thousands of search results. You can incorporate these quotes in your conversation to effectively motivate your employee or colleague. You can use quotes like, ‘Hard work never goes waste’ or ‘Give your best, leave the rest’ in order to motivate a person.

· Give examples of inspirational personalities: The struggles and wisdom of famous personalities and celebrities makes for an excellent source of motivation. The very fact that these people have gone through a lot, without giving up and emerged winners is a great way of motivating a person. You can also quote famous lines and wisdom of inspirational personalities

As important as it is to rightly motivate a person, it is equally important to approach the person in the right way. Make sure you come across as polite and concerned. Choose your words and frame your sentences carefully and be confident. All this, combined with fluent spoken English will help you effectively motivate a demotivated employee/ colleague.

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- By Chander Madan

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