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How to report a lost book to the library?


A library is every English learners best friend! A place full of amazing books and stories that can take your imagination to places! And imagine the English lessons that you can learn while being mesmerized by the interesting characters! It is a haven for knowledge.

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If you are someone trying to improve your English, then the best way is to enroll with a library and immerse yourself in the world of books. Reading is a great way of  learning English, as well as enhancing English fluency.

However, wonder what may happen if you lost one of the books you borrowed from the library. How will you own up to your mistake and explain your predicament? Here is how you can do it:

Reporting of lost book – Situational conversation

(Approaching the librarian)

You: Hello. Good afternoon. Could I please talk to you for a few minutes?

Librarian: Good afternoon. Sure. Tell me, what is it?

You: I had taken the book, ‘The Kite Runner’ last week on my card. However, I am sorry to inform that I have misplaced the book. I am really sorry. I understand that I will have to reimburse the book, or its price, and I am ready to do that.

Librarian: Are you sure you lost the book? Could it be you kept it somewhere and forgot about it?

You: I have searched for it wherever I could. I am positive that I have lost the book.

Librarian: That’s okay. Please give me your card so I can check when you had taken the book out and how old the book was.

You: Here it is.

Librarian: Okay. The book was pretty much a new copy. What would you prefer? Reimbursing a new book or pay the price of the book?

You: I will pay the cost of the book.

Librarian: Okay. Let me get my receipt booklet. You will have to pay Rs. 950. Should I make you a receipt?

You: Here is the money. Yes, I would like to have a receipt.

Librarian: Here you go. Thank you.

You: Can I get another book issued on my card?

Librarian: Only if you promise to be careful with it!

You: (Laughing) Of course, I have learnt my lesson. I would like to have the book, ‘The inheritance of loss’. Is it available?

Librarian: Yes, it is. It is on the fourth shelf to your right. It’s a lovely book, I must say. You have a good taste in books.

You: Thank you, and thanks for your time as well. Good day.

Librarian: Good day to you too.

Pretty easy going, isn’t it? The whole point of gaining mastery over spoken English is to have a fun and simple conversation without having to think what to say. Armed with a good vocabulary and English fluency, you can confidently speak to any person and impress them with your English speaking.

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- By Chander Madan

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