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How did you Choose the College you Studied In?


On having completed your education successfully and securing your place in a reputed company would have many heads turning at the sight of your presence. Many would be inspired by the way you've molded your life and of course, a few would go green at your achievements. Your younger acquaintances, cousins, neighbors; all would want to know what was your experience and how did you get there...


Often people would relate your level of success to the college you pursued your education from. The most commonly asked questions among youngsters today is which college did you study at. Having told them the name of the college you've been a part of, the instant next question that pops up is, on what basis did you choose that college in particular.

Talking about your college:

When people ask about how did you choose the college you've studied in, be precise instead of beating around the bush. Let's take a look at an example to straighten things out for you:


Raj: Hi Sheetal, How are you?

Sheetal: I'm great. Enjoying my life.

Raj: Nice... So, are you still working with JP Morgan?

Sheetal: Yes, just returned day before yesterday from a client meet in Leeds, London.

Raj: Wow! That's amazing. I wish to make my life as secured and luxurious as yours.

Choose College

Sheetal: Ha- ha! That's funny. So, what are you up to these days? College?

Raj: I am looking for a college to pursue my MBA. Good I met you, I've wanted to know which university you've done your MBA from.

Sheetal: I've completed my MBA from ABC university.

Raj: Great. Curious to know, on what basis did you choose your college?

Sheetal: Well, a number of factors. I made sure to do my share of research on the college's history, its reputation in the field, its value on the job front.

Raj: Okay. And...

Sheetal: I checked the accreditation the college was affiliated with, its teaching faculty, both the permanent as well as the visiting staff, and the in-house job opportunities.

Raj: That's a lot of research.

Sheetal: I believed in studying the college in detail before enrolling myself into one.

Raj: Looking at your rate of success, I don't think that's a bad belief.

Sheetal: True, besides, it becomes easier to weigh your options if you know every detail about the college you're soon going to be a part of. It's always best to get into the habit of doing as much research as can be done.

Raj: I am so thankful to you for sharing your knowledge with me. If it weren't for this conversation with you, I would not have bothered in doing so much research before enrolling into any college.

Sheetal: You're welcome Raj. Make it big and remember to be dedicated towards your goal.

The importance of research:

Throwing some light upon whatever you do is always recommended. Staying dedicated to your aim will help you to acieve great heights. Similarly, in case of learning to speak English fluently, research and practice will improve your English speaking skills and inculcate a feeling of confidence in you.


College Degree 

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- By Monika Agarwal

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