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How to build a rapport with your patient?


The health care sector is an arena that stands on the core element called trust. It is a known fact that building trust takes time; however, being a health advocate, building a rapport with your patients is as essential as taking good care of their health and ailments. In health care, the nurse is an individual that spends the most of the time with the patient and therefore, it is vital to develop a positive relationship and rapport with patients. Always, remember to focus on your spoken English communication skills to ensure you're conversing in professional English fluently. This article will teach you a few tips as to how to warm up and strike a positive note with the patient.


Tips to build a rapport with your patient:

Tip 1. Know your patient- To start any relationship, even on a superficial level, it is important for you to know the patient. You certainly need to know about the treatment plan of the patient; however, knowing a little more than just that would definitely help in building a rapport.

Tip 2. Educate your patients- Many patients all over the globe are extremely intrigued about their disease and the treatment process. You could act as an educator and help your patient understand his/ her medical condition deeper, further beginning a trust relationship with him/ her.

Tip 3. Predict their requirements- Spending time with the patient is certainly going to help you understand them better and hence, predicting their needs and requirements can be easier. Doing so will show them that you do care and that you are someone who will provide them with the most trustworthy health care services.

Tip 4. Be an active listener- Listening is important in any industry, however, in the health care sect, it is important to listen carefully to your patient. While discussing health plans and other patient care options maintain an eye contact and be responsive through your reply in fluent English.

Tip 5. Follow up- For any nurse or doctor to build credibility, it is essential to follow through with what you say. An instance would be that you're telling your patient that you would call him/ her in the evening with the test reports; in that case, you should and make sure to keep your English communication skills well polished and professional. Not following up might put your relation with the patient in jeopardy as he/ she was relying on you with sheer anticipation to pass on the test results.


Conversational Example:

Nurse- Good morning Jenna, how are you doing today?

Jenna- Good morning Nurse. I'm doing surprisingly well today!

Nurse- Great! So, nice to hear that. These medications are working well with you, aren't they?

Jenna- Yes. You have given me so much of a relief by advising me this new set of pills. My head feels so much lighter and the migraine barely strikes once a day, which is fine with me.

Nurse- That's amazing news. Soon you should be able to handle the once in a while attacks as well. Your CT scan reports are expected today. I will call you with the results by around 7 pm.

Jenna- Lovely! Thank you so much for being a miracle in my health care.

Nurse- Aw! You're welcome. Now go home and take some rest. Will speak to you in the evening.

Jenna- Sure. Bye.

interacting with patient

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- By Chander Madan

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