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How to give a performance appraisal feedback?


While English speaking is becoming mandatory in your everyday life, it becomes all the more important when working in an office. Your every interaction with your colleagues, such as, writing emails, official paperwork, etc., all has to be done in English.

appraisal feedback

There are numerous situations in your work life that may require you to use your spoken English for interaction. The way you speak with your friends and your English speaking in an office set up is different. With friends, the mood of your talks is more informal and friendly, while when in an office, you need to be careful of the words you use and how you frame your sentences. When speaking English with your colleagues, you have to watch your manners and make sure that you keep it strictly professional.


In our recent blogs, we had given you an example of how you can discuss your performance appraisal with your manager. Let’s do a role reversal in this blog. You are the manager and are giving a performance appraisal to one of your team members.

Giving a performance appraisal feedback

You have called a member of your team, Sonia, to give her a performance appraisal feedback. Here is how the conversation can go:

Sonia: May I come in, sir?

You: Yes, of course, Sonia. Take a seat.

Sonia: Thank you. Why did you want to see me?

You: I wish to discuss your performance appraisal with you. I have your performance appraisal form. Let’s see. I must say, your form is interesting. Undoubtedly, you have worked well in the past year and your achievements have not gone unnoticed by the company.

Sonia: Thank you, sir. It is my constant effort to give my best to my work.

You: In your form, under past achievements, you have mentioned bagging the order from Yuvi dairy Don’t you feel the order from Keshav Textiles was a bigger achievement for you?

Sonia: Indeed, in terms of profit returns, the order from Keshav textiles is more important. However, Yuvi dairy has branches all over the country, and if we are able to satisfy them with this one, even if a small order, I am sure we will receive all their future orders. In the long run, Yuvi dairy will give us more profit than Keshav textiles.

You: Impressive. I like your keen business acumen and vision. No wonder, you are my star employee. I will go through the rest of your form and take an appropriate decision. Thanks for your time.

Sonia: Thank you, sir.

Thanking you

What did you learn from the above conversation? Pay attention to the kind of words used and how the sentences are framed. Good spoken English is all about how you conduct yourself in any given situation.

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- By Chander Madan

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