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Vocabulary to be used while discussing beauty problems


In our day-to-day conversation, we usually discuss our beauty problems with friends and family members. Effective terms and phrases should be used while communicating the same. In today’s blog, we’ll learn some common words that are used for discussing beauty problems.

Beauty problems

Phrases related to beauty:

1. Pimple/Zit/Spot

Pimple is nothing but an inflamed spot on the skin.

Example: Generally, pimple arises on the face of teenagers.

2. Baggy Eyes

These are the dark semi-circles underneath the eye which are slightly raised or swollen.

Example: Viewing digital interface continuously results into baggy eyes.

3. Dark Circles

This makes you look dull as dark spots are formed around or under the eyes. It generally arises due to aging and hypertension.

Example: Dark circles problem occurs in the age range of 35-40, and remains constant if certain remedies are not applied.

4. Wrinkled Skin

Wrinkled skin arises on face due to aging and lack of activeness in movements of tissues and cells in the skin.

Example: Wrinkled skin is the sign of aging.

5. Whitehead

When a white topped pustule on the skin is seen, it is called ‘Whitehead’.

Whitehead arises on face due to the excess generation of natural oil in skin.

Example: Whitehead can be removed easily if effective and recommended creams are applied on the face regularly.

6. Blackhead

These are the opening on the skin which are covered with dark mass of the skin debris.

After whitehead collectively gather on skin pores it creates junk on face which results in less oxygen supply to the skin. And, after some days’ whiteheads get converted into blackheads.

Example: Blackheads are the reason behind arising pimples on the face as it creates a junk on the skin pores which results into less oxygen and more oil generation in the skin.

7. Freckle and Spots

These are nothing but black or brown spots that are developed on the skin due to excessive exposure to the sun or pollution.

Example: In summer season, sunscreen lotion must be applied on the face to avoid freckles and spots.

8. Chapped Lips

In this problem, lips get dried or cracked because of too much of exposure to the sun or cold weather.

Example: Lip balm of your favorite flavor, home-made ghee or milk cream is an ultimate solution for chapped lips.

9. Hair Loss

Hair losing problem arises due to various reasons from habits of your diet and application of cream, oil and shampoo on it.

Example: Hair loss can be avoided by applying herbal medicines on hair or consumption of it, if prescribed so by the physician.

10. Brittle & Yellow Nails

Nails that easily crack, chip or split are called as ‘Brittle Nails’ and nails that have a yellowish tint on the surface are called as ‘Yellow Nails’.

Example: Brittle nails are very delicate so it is necessary to cut them properly and not to grow it more for the purpose of nail art.

Frequent application of Nail-polish and its remover cause yellow tint to shadow on nail.

Hope the above explanation has made you aware about the phrases which can be used to communicate beauty problems. For more articles related to English learning and grammar, browse through our blogs and articles. Improve your spoken English skills by just downloading our Simple English App which will make your learning simpler and easier.

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- By Chander Madan

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