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How to grab an internship opportunity?


You are pursuing your full time MBA course and as per curriculum requirements looking out for an internship opportunity. The internship will give you a valuable experience into how your industry works and will be a worthwhile addition to your resume. However, getting an internship is very difficult as most companies prefer full time employees. So how can you stand apart from the crowd and grab that precious possession? By making effective use of the English language, you can convince the prospective employer to hire you.

Things to  keep in mind while applying for Internship :

1. Professional Resume

Your resume is the first eyeball catcher. Make your resume as professional and catchy as possible. Your interviewer should get to know your capabilities by just looking into the resume. It is your ticket to that enviable internship position. For this, your English vocabulary should be perfect.

2. Highlight your skills

Point out your skills modestly and with the help of fluent English communication, explain to him why you stand apart from the crowd and are the best fit for the position. Employers love a candidate who shows confidence and sophistication with precise use of English.

3. Aim for on job placements

Companies, which provide internships, also recruit interns after the duration of their tenure. Ask the interviewer whether they provide such placements and what are the requirements. It is preferable to ask at the end of the interview.

Example: "Does the company have on the job placements?"

Sample Conversation:

Situation: You are in the Godrej facility for an interview for the marketing internship position.

Interviewer: "So Rajat, I went through your resume and found it interesting. Tell me more about yourself."

You: "Sir, I am Rajat Mohan, a B. Com graduate from New Delhi and currently, I am pursuing my Masters in Marketing from Northern Business School.

Interviewer: "So, why are you asking for an internship position with us?"

You: "Sir, as part of my postgraduate curriculum, we need to have 2 months of summer internship experience. I feel Godrej can provide me the best platform for a great career start."

Interviewer: "Do you have any work experience?"

You: "No Sir, I am a fresher."

Interviewer: "Fair enough. Tell me, why should we consider you for this role?"

You: "Sir, I can excel in this marketing role because of my strong interpersonal and communication skills. I am also proficient in PowerPoint presentations and can be an impactful presenter."

Interviewer: "Good. You seem to be a good candidate. Is there any question that you would like to ask?"

You: "Yes Sir. Do you provide on job placement offers?"

Interviewer: "Yes, we do have on job placement offer schemes. However, it all depends on the candidate's performance."

You: "Ok Sir. Thank you very much for the interview opportunity."

The above conversation is the perfect way to charm the interview into selecting you for the internship position. Yet, remember to improve your spoken English skills for that perfect interview with the help of an online English tutor.

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- By Monika Agarwal

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