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Foreign phrases commonly used in spoken English


Every language has its own significance. English is one such language that is used as a global language of communication.  Each word in English has several meanings. If you read newspaper, then you might come across at least five new words that you haven’t heard of. The context in which the word is used can give away the meaning of the word. But have you ever wondered from where these words were derived?


As English is the most preferred language in the world today, there are words which are borrowed from other languages, mainly Latin and French. Let us find out words that are borrowed from other languages and now have become a part of our English vocabulary.

10 words you need to know

1. Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum vitae is a Latin word, meaning a summary of your academic and work history.


Will you please send my curriculum vitae to your HR?

2. Déjà vu

Déjà vu is a French word which means the experience of imagining that a particular situation has occurred before.


I experienced a déjà vu when I entered his place although I had never visited his place before.

latin words

3. Versus

Versus is a Latin word which means playing in opposition to or against.


'Maggi versus Top Ramen, which is healthier' is the topic for discussion today.

4. En route

En route is a French word which means on route to some place.


The train met with an accident en route from New Delhi to Mumbai.

5. Per capita

Per capita is a Latin word which means per person.


Do you know India’s per capita income?

6. Faux pas

Faux pas is a French word which means a socially awkward or tactless act.


I realized that I had committed a faux pas when I asked him his income..

7. Status quo

Status quo is a Latin word which means the existing state of affairs.


Narendra Modi has changed the status quo of our country.

8. Vis-à-vis

Vis-à-vis is a German word which means face-to-face with; literally 'face to face'.


When my parents met my boyfriend, they sat vis-à-vis at the table.

9. Bona fide

Again a Latin word which means undertaken in good faith.


Do you have a bona fide certificate?

10. Par excellence

Par excellence is a French word which means to an example of excellence.


He is a chef, par excellence..

These are the common foreign words which we use in our daily conversation. A spoken English course helps to improve your knowledge of the language and guides you with the proper usage of the words.

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- By Shailja Varma

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