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Tips for communication for hotel Industry


As a hotel industry executive, you are required to have well- spoken English communication skills. However, these skills could be refined further to provide the best and well-refined service ever. It is your responsibility to ensure your guests have a comfortable stay. Understand the fact that a guest would love to be greeted efficiently and taken straight to their room as soon as possible. Therefore, all the prior formalities you need to pursue should be a smooth and free flowing process. Here is where your spoken English communication skills are tested and you need to ensure they are at the best to cut down on the excess ‘confusion’ time. 

If you are considering re- working and improving your English communication skills to a higher level, this is it! Here are some examples of words and phrases that you could use to better convey the excellent spirit of hospitality you serve:

Situation: This is how you should greet when a guest arrives.

“Good Morning! Welcome to XYZ hotel. Do you have a reservation with us?”

Situation: After tackling the first guest, if a second guest enters.

“Welcome sir, I will be helping you today in registering.”

Situation: On having the formalities done, when the guest thanks you.

“It was my pleasure.” or “You’re most welcome!”

Situation: A doubt put forth by a guest.

“Allow me to check that for you and get back to you in just a few minutes.”

Situation: The guest asks something you’re unsure about.

“Sir, let me verify that right away and get back to you.”

Situation: You’re not the concerned person yet have been approached by a guest.

“Let me find the concerned person to assist you right away.”

Situation: Guest is inquiring about any complimentary offers.

“Yes Sir. We have complimentary breakfast awaiting you. It’s served between 8 am- 10 pm.”

Here are some common questions that you will use more than often:

“Sir, Can I have the name the reservation is made under?”

“What’s the date you have in mind to check out?”

 “How would you prefer to make this payment? By card or cash?”

“Would you require a wake up call?”

“Could you sign your name here? This is your key card.”

The above-mentioned examples are in simple yet professional English. When working in the hotel industry, it’s always best to display your English speaking skills. Understand the fact that guests would love to converse with the best-spoken executive, which makes the process of checking in and out quicker and more convenient.

Hospitality is all about giving the guest exactly what they are looking for and more. Earn your incentives by providing nothing but the best service! This industry is in need of thorough professionals and you could be one among them. Brush up and polish your skills by joining an English learning course online and learn to make use of your language skills at its proficient best.

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- By Monika Agarwal

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