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Difference between Sometimes, Sometime and Some Time


English is a language which sometimes has many confusions. There are some words with different meanings and different words with the same meanings. Example - smart, bright and intelligent or attractive, pretty and lovely. These words mean the same, right? Now we are going to look at words which are same but are used according to the situation or during a specific time.

Difference between Sometimes,sometime and some time

For Example -

She looked around for some time.

He sometimes comes here.

I need sometime to finish that chapter.

Can you figure out how sometime, sometimes and some time is being used in the sentences. These words are often confused while using them. So, we should be careful enough while using them. In today's blog, we will explain the concept and the difference between these words.


Sometimes is an adjective or an adverb which is used in a sentence when the activity is done occasionally. In the above example, it is said that he sometimes comes here which means he comes occasionally and not always.


They sometimes fight like cats.

Sometimes we have to accept change to move on in life and to be happy.

Some time

Some time is used to explain or tell how much we want something. Some time also means for a long period of time. To make you understand in a better way you can look at some of the examples.


I need your bike for some time.

They have been staying here for some time.


Sometime is also an adverb. It is used to talk about the future or past. For Example - We should talk about it sometime or the matter was solved sometime before you came here. Let us go in detail with the help of some more examples to clear the confusion.


Let us meet up today for some time.

We were not that attached because we did not talk with each other for sometime.

We hope the concept and the difference between sometimes, some time and sometime is clear. Use these words in your daily life during a conversation with your friends, colleagues etc. You can improve your communication skills and English grammar with the help newspaper and books. Join a Spoken English course and improve your vocabulary.


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- By Shailja Varma

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