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Web designers are responsible for creation, designing and maintenance of a website and its related functions. A website is an important indicator of any company's presence on the internet. A well designed, aesthetically pleasing website highlights the professionalism of both the firm as well as the designers.  The value of a web designer increases phenomenally if he is well versed in English speaking. Multinational companies across the globe conduct their dealings in English, the global language. If you are an aspiring web designer or an experienced one, English-speaking skills will aid you in making an impressive mark in your career.

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Things to remember when creating a website:

1. Focus on grammar

You may have all the technical knowledge of the industry but it will not help you unless you can convey it to another person. Your sentences should be grammatically correct to help the other person understand what you want to say. Many a times, expert designers fumble while framing conversations. They are hesitant to speak in English and only manage to string two technical terms together. The most common errors include incorrect spellings and missing out of prepositions like 'for','to','your' etc. You can take the help of a spell check or online grammar checker to draft a professional email.


Incorrect: I build a website for you.

I will build a website for you.

Incorrect: Thanks for help.

Correct: Thanks for your help.

2. Format while writing

While drafting any written communication, most designers ignore the rules of punctuation and formatting. It is important to keep a standard format throughout your communication. It portrays your professionalism and enthusiasm for your chosen vocation. The standards may be Arial 12 points or any font of your choice, but keep it same everywhere.

3. Practice

The only way you can improve your English is to consistently practice daily. Do not shy away from conversing in your workplace. You should not worry about ridicule; clients will appreciate your efforts. You will overcome your mental barriers and increase your confidence while speaking English.

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Sample Conversation:

Situation: Prasad is a web designer and is discussing with his client about a website designing project.

Client: So Prasad, I want the website to be designed in a particular format and in flash.

Prasad: Designing with flash can be a bit difficult but I will do it. There will be extra premium charges to the final invoice. Are you okay with that?

Client: Yes. I am fine with it.

Prasad: Do you have the images with you for uploading on the website?

Client: Yes. To which email id should I send them?

Prasad: You can send them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Make sure you send it in JPEG format.

Client: Okay. I will send them by Wednesday evening.

Prasad: Okay. I will email you if I need further clarifications. Thank you for your business.


The above sample conversation will show you how to speak to your client in fluent English. A good web designer will know the importance of inter personality skills to get more clients. Even written communication is very important to highlight your skills. Improve your spoken English with the help of an online English trainer and get set for high growth in your career.

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- By Monika Agarwal

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