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7 Popular color idioms and their meanings


English language is incomplete without wonderful idioms. Today, let us add more colors to our conversation by learning the idiomatic expressions related to color. We will discuss the expressions that you will find handy to use in the corporate world. Let’s get started.

English idioms: Color

1. Golden opportunity

When the time is favorable to seize an opportunity- This phrase is commonly used in the professional world with reference to contracts and employment growth.


An internship with the multinational company is a golden opportunity for you to get a permanent job later.

After an optimistic discussion with the CEO, I think we have a golden opportunity at hand if we put forward our quote.

2. Green signal/green light

When a permission is given to someon to proceed with something.


We have received a green signal from the marketing department to carry forward the new advertising campaign.

He was given a green signal by his boss to explore marketing prospective in the Asian market.

3. Black and white

When a situation or a person is judged either as good or bad, this expression is used.


Our manager always sees everything in black and white although he knows this is impossible.

4. Once in a blue moon

An event which is likely to occur extremely rarely or only once in a life-time.


I get a call from my sister once in a blue moon

He shows up at our office once in a blue moon, only when he needs to boost sales.

5. Pink slip

When a termination notice is given to an employee, this term is most often used.


Due to a recession in the IT industry, a lot of my team members have been issued a pink slip last week.

I have got to find a new job as I can see pink slips flying across my department.

6. Red carpet treatment

When somebody is given a special or royal treatment.


As the manager is calling the shots on contracts, he is receiving a red carpet treatment wherever he goes.

My grandfather always gives a red carpet treatment to my sister whenever she visits him.

7. Born with a silver spoon

Born in a rich family.


I don’t think he has ever seen struggle, he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

At a young age, Raj is heading a multinational. This is called born with a silver spoon in his mouth.


There are hundreds of color idioms. However one can’t learn all of them at the same time. Keep reading and you will find more interesting idioms and their meanings. Use them to impress your subordinates at the work place. You can join an online spoken English class to improve your English speaking and grasping power.

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- By Chander Madan

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