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10 Happiness Idioms


"This time she is going to hit the books”. Does that mean that she is going to beat a book? No, it means she is going to study hard this time. These sentences are known as idioms. Idioms are phrases which have a figurative or somewhat literal meaning They do not mean what exactly the words say.

For Example- Best thing since slice bread – this means a new and a good invention. People also use idioms according to their moods like when they are happy or sad. Some of the idioms related to happiness are:

have a whale of time

10 Happiness idioms

1. Having a whale of time: to have a good time

Example- Today they are going to have a whale of time because it is her birthday.

Example- She was having a whale of time yesterday with her friends.

2. On cloud nine: cheerful

Example- She has always been on cloud nine no matter how many difficulties she had to face.

Example- We should try and be on cloud nine as this helps us to handle our problems with more ease.

3. Tickled pink: pleased or entertained

Example- He is tickled pink with the relaxation in the hostel rules and regulations.

Example- I was tickled pink when you met me today.

4. On top of the world: feeling wonderful

Example- She was happy today, she felt like she was on top of the world.

Example- When she scored good marks she felt like she was on top of the world.

5. Happy as a clam: very happy

Example- When he saw the gift and cake, he was happy as a clam.

Example-  We should try to be happy as a clam with what we have in our life.

6. Paint the town red: going out and enjoying, celebrating

Example- She wanted to paint the town red after getting engaged to Anil.

Example- We are going to paint the town red on the New Year's Eve.

7. Over the moon: extremely happy

Example- She was over the moon when we planned about the picnic as she was bored sitting at home.

Example- When we got to know that the teacher was absent, we were over the moon.

8. Like a dog with two tails: very happy

Example- When she heard about the good news, she was behaving like a dog with two tails.

Example- His mom will be like a dog with two tails when he gets the job.

9. Happy camper: a person who is happy and has no complaints

Example- I like her attitude towards life, she is a happy camper.

Example- We should always be a happy camper so that we can stay positive in life.

10. Full of the joys of spring: being happy and enthusiastic

Example- Today we met her, she was full of the joys of spring.

Example- To have more friends in life, we should always be full of joys of spring.

You can use these idioms in your daily conversation with friends, relatives or family. This will surely improve your English and can help you to speak fluent English.


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-By Shailja Varma

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