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How to request for an elaboration?


You are at a sales meet and the speaker has just spoken an important point. You wish to know more about the point, but are afraid to ask in proper English.  How will you go about asking for more information? The process of adding information to already existing small pieces is called elaboration. It adds more details and clarity to a point already spoken. Elaboration is very important for precise and accurate information. Asking for elaboration in the right manner is vital for getting proper reply and information.

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Things to remember when requesting for an elaboration:

1. Interrupt politely

When asking for elaboration, you may have to interrupt a presentation or conversation. You need to raise your hand and put forth your question. The speaker will not get deviated from his train of thoughts and can answer your request in detail without any problems. Remember to use polite English phrases. Use proper body language like raising your hand. Abrupt asking may cause the speaker to lose his focus.

2. Ask at the right time

When you feel the need for elaboration, it is preferable to ask for it at the point of doubt. If you wait for a long time, the speaker may have moved to other points. Asking for elaboration later will disrupt the train of thoughts of the presenter, and can lead to embarrassing situations for both, you and him.

3. Remember to say 'thanks'

The speaker or presenter has taken time to explain the single point to you in detail. Hence, it is preferable to thank him for explaining the concepts to you. After getting your detailed reply, it is a good etiquette to thank the speaker. It will showcase your polite nature and sophistication.


Sample conversation for requesting for elaboration:

Situation: You are attending a digital marketing, sales presentation at the Oberoi hotel.

Presenter: As you can see, inbound marketing rather than outbound marketing is the way to the future.

You (raising your hand): Can you please elaborate more on inbound marketing? Like, what exactly is the meaning of inbound marketing and how is it helpful?

Presenter: Sure. Inbound marketing means attracting the customers and bringing them very close to the brand in an informative way. It can be in the form of news releases and other content products.

You: So what is the difference between inbound and outbound marketing?

Presenter: The major difference between them is that outbound marketing is pushier and overtly advertises the products and services, whereas inbound marketing is subtle.

You: Between them, which method is the most effective?

Presenter: I think inbound marketing is the most effective as people are easily put off by outbound marketing.

You: Thank you for your elaboration. That explains a lot.

Presenter: My pleasure!

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The above sample conversation should show you how to politely ask for elaboration. Use the power of English phrases to aid you in asking your question. Proper English communication is necessary to display your curiosity. Improve your spoken English skills with the help of an online English teacher for more clarity and practice.

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- By Shailja Varma

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