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Learn these Music Idioms


Study reveals that music helps in reducing stress and anxiety. It is a kind of stress buster for many individuals. English and music go hand in hand and hence, there are several music idioms that have come from music. Let’s learn some of the music idioms as these are generally used in daily conversation by a native speaker.

Music idioms

7 Music Idioms you must know

1. Bang the drum

Meaning - speak in support of something

Example –Our College is banging the drum for Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.

2. Trumpet something

Meaning – to broadcast the news loudly

Example – Sheela was trumpeting her Gucci bag which she had received as a gift from her husband.

3. With bells on

Meaning - to arrive somewhere happy and delighted to attend.

Example – We will be going to the USA next week with bells on.

4. Like a broken record

Meaning – Used to describe someone who keeps talking about the same story over and over again.

Example – The traumatic incident in her life made her forget everything except her family. Whenever she talks, she only talks about her family like a broken record.

5. Wet your whistle

Meaning -to drink something (alcoholic)

Example – Hey bro, you seem to be upset, come here and wet your whistle.

6. Be music to someone's ears

Meaning - say something that others want to hear

Example – After a hectic week, a long vacation sounds like music to our ears.

7. Face the music

Meaning - when someone has to accept the negative consequences of something that has happened

Example –Neeraj, everything happens for a reason, so please face the music and move on.

8. As clean as a whistle

Meaning - Used to describe something that is extremely clean.

Example – Although he may be involved in drinking and gambling, but his criminal records are as clean as a whistle.

9. Chime in

Meaning - when someone interrupts or joins in a conversation, especially, to repeat or agree with something

Example – Whenever I talk about politics, Neha purposefully chimes in and tells her point of view.

10. Fine tuning

Meaning - to describe small adjustments made to improve something or to make it work better

Example – I am all prepared for the dance competition, but still I need a bit of fine tuning.

Idioms play an important role in conversation. Learning them will help you speak English confidently and improve your English speaking skills.

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- By Chander Madan

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