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8 Powerful words for a Manager


A manager is a responsible figure in a company who is in charge of a certain group or task, or a certain subset of company. Management is all about managing people, company, work and other related aspects.

While handling all these roles, a manager is supposed to communicate with different types of people with varying backgrounds. At such times, a good vocabulary helps showcase his/her professionalism, not only in work but also in behavior, manners and etiquettes. A manager’s motivational speech must motivate and guide the employees in the right direction. Hence an effective communication skill is the basic requirement to succeed in a managerial position.

Words for manager

8 Powerful words to be used

1. Exciting: The word is very motivating for creating a positive buzz or an anticipatory attitude towards an upcoming project or plan at work. Usage of this word generates an interest regarding a particular work ordered by the manager.

Example: This year we got an exciting opportunity to come up with a project with a USA based company.

2. Awesome: It is also a positive and motivating word for an employee who has been encouraged by his/her manager or senior authorized person for good performance. This is a word used for an appreciation of a work done by an individual or a team.

Example: Martin, your performance was awesome last month, keep it consistent forever.

3. Fantastic: When a person in a team achieves more than his/her expectations or earlier performance, this word is used.

Example:What a fantastic plan it is!

4. Ingenious:This word is used when a compliment is to be given for implementing a brilliant and profitable thinking or idea by an employee. This phrase is useful for giving a compliment on  brilliant work.

Example:The work done by you is really ingenious.

5. Resolve: This word has 2 meanings: - (i) to solve problem and (ii) strong determination.

In discussions or meetings, when finding for a solution on a certain case you can use it as:

Example: Let’s resolve this case before Friday evening.

But when a manager wants to motivate his/her team then it can be said as:

Example: I need my team to work together and effectively with an iron resolve to fulfill our target before deadline.

6. Marvelous: This word is used by a manager for giving compliment to a hard working person. Such a well deserved praise will go a long way and can motivate a consistent performance from the employee who has been complimented.

Ex: You have done a marvelous job at designing the new campaign.

7. Jubilant: This word is bit old school, but it is generally used for praising a person or a team to acknowledge hard work when he/she/team has achieved a victory in a certain challenging work.

Example: What a jubilant team success it is!

8. Vigorous: This word is an encouraging one for a team which creates positive urgency  for work. This creates an enthusiasm in your team’s efforts.

Example: I expect vigorous efforts/results from my team regarding this project.

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-By Shailja Varma

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