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How to make your toddler learn English?


Did you know children are incredibly adapted to learning languages, picking up words and phrases? However, as they have a shorter attention span as compared to an adult, teaching anything to them is challenging unless it forms a part of some fun activity. Teaching English to your toddler or for that matter any language, is like teaching him/her to walk. Just as you don’t teach your baby to walk and instead provide a safe environment for him to figure out on his own, similarly, teaching a language should be no different. You have to provide your toddler with an environment that is language-rich to facilitate learning at his own pace. You have to ensure that you and your partner are speaking in English regularly in front of your toddler and rest will be taken care of by the tiny brain.

3 Tips to introduce your toddler to the English language

Many parents wish to help their kids learn English but are unsure as to how to go about it. This blog talks about the top tips that can get you started.

Toddler learning

Talk about regular stuff

Any language that your toddler hears is pretty new to her; hence, this is the right time to introduce her to the second language. You can try switching between languages for her to grasp. For instance, ‘Sara, could you get the ball. Ball leke aao.’  This may sound a little silly to people around but if you expose your toddler to a foreign language early in life, she will be able to view the language positively and might become very comfortable learning it.

Read and read some more

Reading helps toddlers to take interests in books, no matter what the language is. You can start as early as you want. Take a book with simple English vocab and colorful images. This will help your toddler relate the story with pictorial representation and grasp the basics of English. Read the text and then, point at the pictures while narrating the story.

Take help of music and videos

Expose your kids to English with the help of age-appropriate DVDs and videos. Kids love singing and through the music and songs, they can pick up new words and learn the rhythm of the language. You can use songs related to numbers, alphabets,  body parts and so on.


English is the preferred language of communication world over. Hence, if you give your ward the gift of English, she will forever be indebted to your upbringing. As a parent, if you think you lack the finesse to speak English fluently, you can join our online spoken English class and get the confidence.

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- By Chander Madan

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