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How to reply a callback to a query of a customer telling him that his services are resumed?


Whether you are an advertising professional or work in a bank, fluent spoken English is a must in any job. How would you make a pitch, or handle customers if you lack English fluency? Regardless of what the nature of your job is, learning English has become a must.


One job sector, of which English forms the backbone, is the BPO industry or most popularly known as the call centers. Call center employees not only need to have good English fluency, but they also need to pay a lot of attention to their accent. After all they deal with a number of people, and their manner of speaking has to be polite, understandable and highly professional. For such a demanding job, even the salary compensation is good. That is the reason why it attracts many youngsters looking for, making a good pocket money, or even carve a career out of it.

If you are one such enthusiast, then you certainly take learning English very seriously. Worry not, for we shall help you. In today’s blog, let us take an example conversation. Let’s imagine that you work in a BPO and need to call and inform a customer that his internet services have been resumed. Let’s see how you can do that.

A conversation between call center executive and a customer

Call center executive: Good afternoon. I am calling for Global Internet Services. Am I speaking to Rakesh Gupta?

Customer: Yes. This is Rakesh.

Executive: Sir, as per the records available to me, you had requested that your internet services be resumed, effective July 21. Is that right?

Customer: Yes, but the services hadn’t been resumed even by yesterday!

Executive: That is because we were facing some technical issues at our end. I would like to apologize for the delay. Anyway, the technical issue has been taken care of, and your services have been resumed. I would request you to kindly check your internet reception and confirm that the service is working at your end.

Customer: Do you want me to confirm it now?

Executive: Yes, if that is okay with you. I will hold the call.

Customer: Okay. Give me a few minutes.

Executive: Sure, sir.

Customer: Yes, the internet is working now.

Executive: Is the internet speed good? Kindly run a search on any search engine and let me know.

Customer: One moment. Yes, the speed is also perfect.

speed meter
Executive: Thanks for the confirmation. Once again, I would like to apologize for the delay and wish to inform you that you will be billed for the services starting today.

Customer: That is okay. Thank you.

Executive: Thank you, sir. In case of any query or complaint, you can call our call center any time. Have a good day.

See, no complex words or tongue twisting sentences. Just simple, fluent English, and you are sorted!

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- By Chander Madan

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