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The number 1 secret to learning English


English is the third most spoken language universally, as it is used everywhere in the professional world. Are you one of them who wants to learn English? If your answer is yes, then let us reveal the secret. Learning vocabulary helps you learn English faster and in an easier way. The reason behind it is, you use spoken and written words every day in your life to communicate your ideas, thoughts and emotions. Sometimes you communicate successfully, and sometimes your ideas might not be understood at all. There are lots of words in the dictionary and each word means different. Although, each word has similar synonyms which can be used as its replacement.

Therefore, learning vocabulary will surely help you learn English.

your vocabulary

5 tips to improve your vocabulary

1. Start reading

You can start reading a book or a newspaper every morning. Make it a daily habit that fits into your schedule. Reading books will help you with new words, thereby improving your vocabulary. Keep yourself updated with the new words and make a note on it. Reading will not only improve your vocabulary, but also increase your general knowledge and make you a well-rounded person.

start reading

2. Highlight words

Once you develop a habit of reading, look for the words which you don’t understand. When you see an unfamiliar word, do not skip over it. Try to figure out its possible meaning in the context of the sentence, and then check in the dictionary and confirm its definition.

3. Jump into high literature books

Now, start reading a book that is more profound in language, such as nonfiction and technical books. These will quickly teach you new ways to speak and think. You can try out variety of subjects, like philosophy, religion, and science, or if you read the newspaper, start reading business, national and international news stories.

4. Use new words

Once you finish with the list of new words, begin using them. Try to add them in your speech as well as in your writing. In any case, if you are unable to use a word effectively in a sentence, it's not a part of your vocabulary. Now, try to learn more words next week and follow the same procedure. It will help you improve your English speaking skills in no time.

5. Solve puzzles

Try new method of learning words. Look for word puzzles in the newspaper as they are an excellent source of improving your word knowledge. There are many vocabulary puzzles, which include crosswords, find-a-word and hidden word puzzles. Puzzles are good source for improving your critical thinking skills.

solve puzzle

Use these strategies to improve your spoken English skills on a go!

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- By Chander Madan

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