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Idioms related to day & night


In our online English training articles we have covered a lot on idioms. Today, we will discuss about the idioms that talk about day and night. They are quite interesting as some of these can be used in your everyday communication.

Night owl

Day & night idioms

Let’s get started:

1. Day by day – He’s getting stronger day by day.

It means he is getting stronger with each passing day.

2. Day and night – He was by her bedside day and night, comforting her in the tough times.

It means around the clock, all the time.

3. A night owl – Ram is a night owl, he never sleeps before 2 am.

It means a person who likes to stay up late at night.

4. Call it a day – We have done enough for today, let’s call it a day.

It means let’s stop working for the day, no more working for the day. This idiom is quiet commonly used at workplace.

5. As different as night and day – They are twin sisters but their nature is as different as night and day.

It means two things are completely different from each other, may be opposite of each other.

6. Made my day – A chance to meet my favorite celebrity in person made my day.

It means that something good happened with you that really made you happy.

7. All night long – My newborn baby cried all night long after her first vaccination.

It means something or an event that happened all night long. This is one exaggerated idiom and may be used to describe an event that may or may not have lasted all night long.

8. A night out – Barkha was organising a night out with her friends to bring in her eighteenth birthday.

It means to be awake all night till dawn maybe for some work or to celebrate an occasion. 

9. Night after night – He studied English night after night and his dedication helped him develop a good grasp over the language.

It means doing something for several nights with no interruption.

10. Day in, day out – I am tired of doing the same work day in, day out. I think I will quit my job and pursue my passion of travelling.

It means to do something almost every day for a long stretch of period.


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- By Shailja Varma

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