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How to Describe a Meal You Relished to Your Friend?


There are some restaurants that manage to plate up a sequence of delectable food that deserves publicity. These are the times you need to get expressive. Your description of the food should be mouth- watering, appetizing and stirring a rage of hunger in the stomach of the listeners. Stick to the truth and put an earnest effort to keep away from the 'exaggeration' factor. It is on your techniques of description that many would want to visit this restaurant for food.

Describe a Meal

Adjectives play a vital role

While describing your binging experience to your friend, make use of adjectives. These adjectives, if put in the right place, will enhance your description and push your friend to head straight to the restaurant in conversation. Wondering where to start, how to go about it and when to end it? Take a look:

Situational conversation:

Ryan: Hey David! It's been a while.

David: Yes. Almost like three months.

Ryan: How was your time in Bangalore?

David: Pretty good. I've been having a good time.

Ryan: Sounds fun too! But now that you're back, it's time for us to go and gorge on some really scrumptious food, just like the old days.

David: That was exactly what was on my mind on the flight. I couldn't wait to get hold of my food buddy to go eating around town with.

Ryan: Ha-ha! Yes. Just so you know... Soon after you left for Bangalore, a new eatery opened up right around the corner of our favorite café, I couldn't wait to tell you about it.

David: Oh! That's nice. Is it a restaurant or just a regular eatery?

Eatery Menu

Ryan: It is a regular eatery but serves some of the best food I have tasted in a really long time.

David: I don't trust you that much. You see, my taste has become more expensive and a regular eatery probably wouldn't be able to satisfy my taste buds.

Ryan: Listen to this, I had been there on Saturday with Sasha. We ordered for some hot dogs, chicken burgers, and a platter of fries and hot chocolate.

David: What's a regular eatery's menu you talk about?

Ryan: Well, the hot dogs were filled with meat and exotic spices, pumping up the heat on your tongue. They were juicy and succulent. The buns on either side were filled with exclusive sauces that still manage to make my mouth water.

David: Okay. Now this is working!

Ryan: Hear on... The patty of the chicken burgers were tender and oozing a strong, packed with flavor, liquid complimenting the soft, fluffy sesame seeds sprinkled buns.


David: Actually, It's been a while since I've eaten a well prepared burger.

Ryan: Now comes the platter of fries. Sounds like a regular platter, though it isn't anything even close to it. There were six different heaps of fries, each heap tossed in a different spice. The hot chocolate was like little drops of heaven!

David: I need to visit this place. Can we go there now? I feel famished after hearing you describe the food at this place. I'm salivating, let's go.

Ryan: Ha-ha! Sure, sure. So, our 'food buddy' trips begin again. For old times sake!

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- By Monika Agarwal

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