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How to communicate as a telephone operator?


Who is a Telephone Operator?:

hw_com_tele_op_img1Telephone operator is a person who helps people to make local and long distance calls. They are also needed in private and public sectors as the offices and organizations use switchboards and they need operators to transfer the calls among different departments and help people communicate. So a telephone operator should possess good communication skills as they need to attend a thousand calls every day. Some of the important duties of a telephone operator include reading text, writing i.e. jotting down names and numbers of customers while talking to them, communicating with the customers, job task planning, critical thinking and problem solving.


hw_com_tele_op_img2Need of Commnication

Communication and Telephone Operator

A telephone operator must speak very fluently in English. The telephone operator has to speak and interact with the customers every day. For that she should possess excellent communication skills. She has to place long distance calls and also help them resolve issues. Sometimes they have to direct and guide the customers and provide assistance to them. They have to interact with long distance operators in other countries on a daily basis. They also need to communicate with their superiors and seniors to talk about production, problems, work schedules and procedures.



How to Communicate as a Telphone Operator

There are some ways that can be followed while communicating as a telephone operator.
The ways are as follows:

  1. You are required to speak very fluently. If you fumble or hesitate it might create a bad impression in the mind of the customers. The customers might be disappointed to talk to you.
  2. If you hesitate and cannot interact, you might fail to help the customers.
  3. One of the important aspects of a telephone operator’s job is listening. You should be a very active listener and should listen to the customers patiently. Keep yourself calm while talking to them.
  4. Sometimes you may have to provide information to the customers, clients, superiors, bosses, other callers. If you’re good at speaking it will help you make them understand very easily.
  5. At times, you’ll have to seek or obtain information from your customers. Good communication skills will help you do it quite easily.
  6. A telephone operator should be positive minded, always alert and patient.


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