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Conversation with a Fellow English Learner


Have you ever realised that you are not alone in your quest to learn English and improve spoken English? Just like you, there are many others who realize the importance of knowing this language and are striving day in and day out, pondering over the same question: How to speak in fluent English?

Methods of Learning

The various methods of learning:

There are various ways and methodologies in which a person learns and grasps things. The various modes of learning are:

1. Visual learning: wherein a person learns by seeing.
2. Auditory learning: wherein a person learns by listening.
3. Kinesthetic learning: wherein a person learns by experience, viz. touching, doing or moving.

How to strike a conversation with another English learning student?

Let's take a hypothetical situation, where you meet a person who, like you, is a keen learner of the English language and is trying to improve spoken English. This is the best oppurtunity where you both can try to start a conversation and benefit from each others' ideas and experiences. Let's see how the conversation takes shape.

English learning

You: Hello, I am Rajesh. How are you doing today?

The other person: Thanks for asking. I am doing great. My name is Suresh.

Rajesh: Nice meeting you, Suresh. So, what brings you here at eAgeTutor? Have you also enrolled with an online English speaking course like me?

Suresh: Oh, yes. I wish to improve my English  fluency and improve spoken English.

Rajesh: You should say, 'improve my spoken English'. Hope you don't mind me correcting you.

Suresh: Absolutely not! Rather, I am thankful that you are correcting me, and helping me improve. You seem to have a good command over the language. How did you learn English so well?

Rajesh: Oh! Don't patronise me. I am but a learner. I have been using various methods and tools that help to improve my spoken English. I used flash cards for memorizing new words and thus, enhanced my vocabulary by doing so. What routine do you employ to learn English?

Suresh: Even I use the flash cards. They are very helpful and handy. I also watch English TV shows, movies, etc. and make sure that I only converse in English with my friends and family. Sadly, even after all these efforts, I find my progress very slow.


Ramesh: Don't push yourself. I think your English is fairly good. We all need to keep learning and improving, right? You will surely achieve what you aim for. Here is one more tip for you – make short term goals for yourself, as in, keep a tab on the progress you want to achieve , say in  a week. Similarly, based on your short term goals, also draft long term goals. This method has helped me maintain a discipline in my learning schedule. Surely, this will help you as well!

Suresh: Thanks a lot for such a great tip. I will surely implement this today itself. Thanks again, it was great talking to you.

Ramesh: Same here. I'll look forward to meeting you again.

Can you think of other tips that can help you, and other students in learning English?

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- By Monika Agarwal

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