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How to write a reminder for a delayed payment to a customer?


You are the sales in charge at XYZ stores and one of your responsibilities is to collect due payments from the customers. Most of the customers are prompt in their installment payments, but there are some who are always overdue. You wish to remind them of their obligations, but are unsure how to proceed. A reminder letter should not be too harsh, but polite and to the point. Use your English vocabulary skills to politely drive your reminder across. 


Things to keep in mind

1. Politeness

While writing a reminder to a customer, it is important to remain polite throughout the letter or email. Harsh language can threaten to ruin a relationship with a customer and you stand to lose assured business. The circumstances of a customer may range from forgetfulness to unstable financial conditions. Give your customers time to respond with payment or extension request.

2. Accurate details

Details are very important in a reminder letter. Be very careful while writing the overdue amount details and the deadline as any inaccuracy can lead to legal lawsuits later. Hence, it is preferable to cross check the details while putting it in a reminder letter.

3. To the point

Avoid using unnecessary words in a reminder letter. This letter is a business communication and hence it is very important to use a professional approach. Keep the letter short, precise and to the point.


Sample Reminder Letter 1

Dear Mr. Jayash,

We would like to remind you that a sum of Rs.15000 remains overdue as per your installment arrangement with us for Samsung 23"LED TV. The last due date lapsed two weeks ago, on 25th August 2013.

We will be happy to accept a cheque payment before 5th September 2013. If your cheque is already dispatched, then please ignore this reminder. We thank you for your cooperation and apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Yours faithfully,

Sanjay Sharma
Sales Manager
XYZ Electronics

Sample Reminder Letter 2

Dear Ms.Richa,

This letter is to remind you of your outstanding balance of Rs. 30000. Please pay this amount before 5th September 2013 or contact our office at Vikhroli to notify us when we can expect the payment.

If you have already made the payment or are in the process of doing so, please accept our sincere thanks and heartfelt apologies for any inconvenience this letter may have caused.


Sanjay Sharma
Sales manager
XYZ Electronics


The above samples will give you a general idea on how to write reminders. Improve your English speaking skills and learn the right vocabulary to write such types of letters. You can take help of an online English guide or read books to enhance your writing skills.

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- By Monika Agarwal

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