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Commonly Used British and American Slang Words


Slang words are jargons that are used by native speakers of the language. Learning these slang words is not easy as it has many variations which changes with every town. Most of them are used to sound less formal. Slang is mainly used because it allows people to speak in a more comfortable and fluent way. There are many slang words which are commonly used by native speakers.
With this blog we will show you some of the most popular slang words. The below list will explain you some of the most commonly used slang words that you might have heard from your colleagues or friends.

1. Kudos

Meaning - compliments or congratulations


- Kudos for achieving the target.
- Kudos, you scored first rank in the exam.

2. Dig

Meaning - To really like something


- I dig your style. Where did you get earrings and suit from?
-If you dig my hat, I will give it to you.

3. Budge up

Meaning - When you ask someone to move and make space for you.


- Can you please budge up as I am not able to see the match from this place?
- You need to budge up so that the person besides me gets some space to sit.
Budge Up

4. Leg it

Meaning –Leg it means ‘run’ or ‘run for it’


- That day while returning home late night, I heard some weird noise that I just legged it.
- Watching dogs bark at her, Supriya legged it.

5. Wangle

Meaning - to succeed in getting or doing something by persuading someone

Example -

- I can’t believe he managed to wangle an autograph from Shahrukh Khan in that crowd.
- With tough competition Sai wangled first rank in IAS examinations.

6. Wonky

Meaning - not straight, unstable

Example -

- The door itself looked wonky somehow, not quite square with the building.
- I can’t eat at this table. It’s wonky and won’t stop quivering!

7. Sorted

Meaning – When someone asks you about a problem you have already fixed, you can say this.

Example -

- How are you? Came to know about your problem. Is everything sorted now?
- I heard you had a fight with your neighbor. Is everything sorted?

8. Not my cup of tea

Meaning - We use this phrase to say that something is not to your liking.


- After researching about the politics, I think it is not my cup of tea.
- Sonali opted for Sociology because economics was not her cup of tea.

9. Kip

Meaning –power nap, a short sleep

Example -

- I think I need a kip to keep myself active for the rest of the day.
- Why don’t you take a kip until all others reach here.

The above slang words will help you in making conversations with native speakers. It will also help you to get familiarized with the slang words. You can learn English by joining a Spoken English course and improve your English to speak fluently with native speakers.

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- By Shailja Varma

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