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How to Describe an Experience?


"You cannot create experience. You must undergo it."

- Albert Camus

Experiences are something that form a part of your life. They are memories of what you have been a part of. Think a little deeper and you will realize that an experience could make or break your life. It could be a good, unforgettable experience or a bad one that you would probably like to erase off your mind log for good! Well, just imagine having an experience that you would like to share with your friends, family and colleagues. For instance: You have been on a trip to Goa lately and you have had the best time and experience of your life. It's a trip that you want to hold on to forever and tell your near and dear one's all about it! A few simple steps and you are set to head on your journey of the description. Make sure you are handy with a set of words, so that you can narrate your experiences in fluent English.

Pay heed to the minute details:

When describing an experience to someone, always make it a point to not forget the involved details that many a times go unsaid. Remember, it is these small details that form your entire experience. In short, in this case don't look at the "bigger picture" instead dig into the minute details of your experience, making it even more interesting for the listener. Also, when describing a destination, use loads of adjectives, this will improve your vocabulary and sound impressive as well.

Describe an Experience

Personal experiences to be mentioned:

Now that you're on a voyage of describing your trip, ensure you also insert in the details of what feeling you went through when you were at the respective place you are describing. This will not only make the description interesting, but also enhance your English speaking skills. Do not only describe the place and the sight, be more insightful and personal to add your touch to the narrative as well.

Picture yourself back there:

Describe an Experience - 1 

Run back down the memory lane to help you remember what happened when and how the whole experience was etched in your mind. A feeling of nostalgia should pass through your veins as you describe your experience to someone, which in the true sense would mean that you are now mastering the art of description. Similarly, mastering English as a language, and being confident and accurate while narrating the description is one of the best ways to learn English.

It is essential that you understand that when you're narrating an experience to someone, it is important to have their attention for as long as your description lasts. You should read some books that are based on descriptive writing which will certainly improve English and make you a favorite storyteller in your gang of friends and colleagues.

Describe an Experience - 2

It isn't that difficult, is it? Give it a shot and see for yourself.

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- By Monika Agarwal

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