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How to encourage people around you?


It is said that, ‘Encouragement Goes Straight To The Heart’. The word of encouragement is useful to create confidence in the mind of people around you. When you put some positive thoughts in one’s mind, so that he/she feels confident and happy, you are encouraging the other person

Following phrases will help you to encourage people around you. These phrases must be used appropriately according to the situation.

Encouragement phrases

1. Nice job! I am impressed / I am proud of you

This phrase can be used when your colleague or subordinate has done something good which can be appreciated.

Example: Nice Job, Shyam! I am impressed.

2. Just do it

We often use this phrase to encourage a person having a fear of doing a particular thing.

Example: You’ll never know unless you try. Just do it!

3. Let’s do this

An ideal phrase that can be used to encourage and motivate your team members. When there is any challenging task, such words of encouragement will be very effective in the mind of employee, as he gets positive vibes from the leader that ‘I am always with you’.

Example: Behind this challenge, there is an opportunity, let’s do this.

4. Why not?

This phrase is generally used when someone is taking permission or asking an opinion regarding something to decide whether it should be done or not.

Example: Why not? I would like to make an event of our success party.

5. What are you waiting for?

When someone is going to do some good thing but is not sure and confused, you can use this phrase. This shows that conveyor is wishing the work or a particular thing should get done soon.

Example: What are you waiting for? Let’s start the meeting.

6. Go for it

When someone is going to attempt certain thing and you feel that he/she should do this thing, then you can use this phrase.

Example: If you want to study late night, go for it.

7. Give it your best shot

This phrase means to give your best try so that success will be at your doorstep. This is a very encouraging phrase in either case when a person is trying to achieve certain goal in the first attempt or the one who tried for many times to achieve success, but failed to achieve it.

Example: You can overcome this challenge. Give it your best shot.

Hope the above explanation has cleared your understanding on the phrases to be used to encourage others. These phrases definitely encourage, motivate and inspire people. You can join an online spoken English course to improve your communication skills and speak like a native speaker.

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- By Shailja Varma

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