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Your vocab guide to eating and shopping in an airplane


English is the most spoken language across the globe. Hence, when you are planning to travel to any country, speaking English will help you with a smooth traveling experience. Today, in our English learning blog, we will look at the vocabulary that will come handy while ordering food or shopping in an airplane.

Airplane vocabulary

On the airplane – how to order food?

All airlines have a different policy with regards to serving food onboard. While some airlines may provide free meals others may want you to order and pay for it. Therefore, if you are not aware whether your ticket comes with a free meal option, you can inquire a flight attendant, ‘excuse me, can you please let me know if meals are included in my ticket.’ If not, then you can use a phrase, such as, ‘May I have something to eat/drink?”or "Can I order something to eat or drink?"

If you are not sure what to do, you can just wait for the flight attendant to come at your seat and ask for meals.

Flight attendant: Are you ready to order?

You: Yes, may I know the menu?

Flight attendant: Would you prefer veg or non-veg meal sir?

You: I am a vegetarian; can you bring me a veg meal?

Flight attendant: Yes, sure. Would you like to have fries or salad?

You: Fries, please.

Flight attendant: All right, will be right back with your order.

While ordering for drinks, you could say:

“Could I get a coffee please? I'm a little cold.”

“Hi, could you get me a beer please? What all brands do you have?”

On the airplane – How to do shopping?

You will be amazed by the range of duty-free products that are sold in an airplane. You can shop these exclusive products from the comfort of your seat. Therefore, it is best to go prepared and grab a great deal. Usually, you can buy stuff, such as magazines, cosmetics, watches, fashion accessories, toys, fragrances, etc. Flight attendants would carry the products in a trolley to each seat. You may browse through the pamphlet and select any product that you want to buy.

You: Can I have a look at this watch please?

Flight attendant: Sure sir, that’s a good choice. Here, it is!

It’s not necessary to buy a product now that you have asked from the flight attendant. If you think the item is overcharged, you can return it back graciously extending a smile and a ‘thanks’.


For first time travelers, there is nothing more exciting than getting onboard a plane. In nervousness, you could make mistake while communicating. But, don’t feel shy or embarrassed. Just wear a smile on your face and start your sentences with a ‘please’ and end them with a ‘thank you’. You can join our online spoken English class for more practical English learning lessons.

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-By Shailja Varma

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