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How to buy a dress with the help of a salesperson?


Women and shopping go hand in hand and the salesperson plays an extremely vital role when a woman is on a shopping rampage.

How to buy dress

Nowadays, the language spoken by almost every salesperson is English. So, when you go out to buy yourself the dress you've been longing for but unfortunately cannot describe it to the salesperson in well- spoken English? Such a situation can arise anywhere but when you're shopping for something, it gets extremely frustrating to not be able to describe what you want. Be sure to have an English conversation in simple English.

How to buy dress with the help of sales person

Salesperson: Hi Ma'am! Are you looking for something?

You: Hey! Yes. I am looking for a classy yet stylish dress.

Salesperson: Okay. Do you have any color in mind?

You: Not really, but I want the dress short and embedded in lace; something that's fitting but not vulgar.

Salesperson: Here you go Ma'am, a dress as per your specifications.

Guide to buy dress

You: This is a little too skimpy for me... Could you please assist me with something that isn't so cut and cropped from all over?

Salesperson: (Chuckles) Sure Ma'am, I think I know exactly what you're looking for...

You: I'm glad. Could you please show me the trial room?

Salesperson: Here you go Ma'am, these are some unique patterns that came in only last week. The trial room is at the end of this hallway.

You: Thank you. I'll be right back!

A while later...

You: I really liked the red one. The color is unique and it fits perfectly well...

Salesperson: I would recommend the red one too, as it goes perfectly well with your complexion and looks ravishing.

You: Well, could you please get a fresh piece of this dress to the billing counter for me... I will just change and get back.

Salesperson: Sure, Ma'am. It'll all be taken care of.

You: Thank you. You have been of great help.

Just a few polite words here and there, your spoken English grammar in place, and the confidence to speak English fluently. Get a hang of all of the above and you're perfectly equipped to go out and experience such a conversation with anyone, let alone a salesperson.

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- By Shailja Varma

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