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Vocabulary for car owners


All these years we published blogs that were related to interview skills or English grammar. Just a few days back we started creating more blogs that helped the beginners to learn basic English skills. The basic English skills include vocabularies, phrases, idioms that are used in day to day communication. While the blogs provided information on general topics, today’s blog is for those who love cars, bikes etc. i.e. for men and boys. However, it’s not limited to the males of the society, but for all those who own a car or are about to/ planning to buy a car. In this blog, we will explain some must know common words for car owners.


7 must know vocabulary

1. Towing

Towing means the act of pulling or dragging (a vehicle) or a car behind another vehicle with a rope or chain. This is the first thing you must know when you buy a car because towing happens when your car is parked in a no parking zone. This is when a government vehicle or a traffic police vehicle will take away your car for being parked in the wrong place.

E.g. Bro, are you aware of odd and even dates parking in Delhi?

2. Bodywork

Bodywork is the work involved in making or repairing an automobile or other vehicle bodies especially the outer body.

E.g. I think my car needs  bodywork to be done.

3. Car insurance

Something that is important for all the car owners. Car insurance is the insurance policy that is taken for the car. Taking this insurance policy will help you cover expenses that might occur due to an accident or damage to your car.

E.g. Hey Sumit, can you help me with the car insurance?

4. Got a spare

Got a spare is used when you have an additional or spare tyre as a replacement in case if the tyre goes flat, a blowout, or any other emergency. The Spare tyre is also called a stepney. This name is derived from a Street in Wales where a street called Stepney that produced first spare tyres.

E.g. By the way have you got a spare?

5. Hybrid

Hybrid is used for a car that is powered by a regular engine and an electric system that is rechargeable.

E.g. I feel there should be more hybrid cars in the polluted cities.

These are the five vocabularies that you as a new car owner must know. Moreover, using these in your communication will improve your English speaking skills. You can join an online Spoken English course to improve the fluency level.

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-By Chander Madan

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