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Vocabulary related to describing food – Part one


In our last blog, we described vocabulary related to texture of the food. This blog will introduce more words about food that can be used while communicating. Food vocabulary is useful for everyone – right from the housewives to the food lovers. Have you ever been in the phase where you found it difficult to explain a recipe in English? If your answer is yes, then don’t worry. It’s something that everybody has gone through. There are many words that describe the food, right from the preparation to the type, everything has a name in English language. Let us have a look at some vocabulary related to food.

food vocabulary

10 must know food vocabulary

1. Spicy/hot

Spicy is the taste that makes one's mouth burn due to the taste of strong chilies. Whereas, hot is used to describe spicy food.


"This chicken gravy is very hot!"

"Do you mean spicy-hot or temperature-hot?"

2. Hot

Hot can be used to describe food that has a very high temperature.


Wait! Don’t touch that egg curry. It is hot.

3. Tart

Tart refers to an acidic taste. Lemon, white wine, yogurt, pickles and raspberries are all tart foods.


Don’t you think the lemon is very tart?

4. Salty

The food is said to be salty when it  tastes of too much of salt.


The momos are very salty; they make my lips burn.

5. Smoky

Smoky describes foods that taste of smoked wood. Bacon, smoked salmon etc. are all smoky foods.


Do you like smoky foods?

6. Sweet

Sweet foods are the ones which have a sugary flavor, such as cake, ice cream, chocolate, lollipops and mangoes.


My cousin and I don’t prefer sweet food at all.

7. Savory

Savory foods are foods that have a spicy or salty flavor, without being sweet. Foods like lasagne, stew, salmon, hamburgers, french fries can be described as savory food.


Do you prefer sweet or savory foods?

8. Bitter

Bitter food has a strong and unpleasant flavor mostly referred as the opposite of sweet.


I hate bitter gourd because of its bitter taste.

9. Fruity

Foods that have a taste or flavor of fruit or anything that smells richly of  fruit can be called fruity.


I can strongly sense some fruity food coming our way.

10. Zesty

Food that has a spicy, utterly savory flavor can be said to be as a zesty food.


This food tastes zesty.

Hope the above vocabulary gave an idea of words that describe food and its taste in English. Use fluent English by using these words and stand of the crowd.

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-By Chander Madan

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