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How to Describe a Television Show you Saw?


Not having a grip over a language that is commonly spoken, always puts you at a loss of words, even if you wish to talk or involve yourself in the ongoing conversation. It isn't fun to play a silent listener in a conversation that you have so much to talk about. Sit back and think "why"? Yes. The answer is the language bar that you haven't made an effort to cross. Think about it... Why should you be sitting around with so many things to say running through your head. Seems pretty torturous! Don't be your group's silent jack; instead indulge in an English speaking course online and kick-start your English speaking journey.


The given situation:

Picture yourself sitting amongst your friends who are discussing their favorite television sitcom. Everyone has so much to say about their favorite show but when it's your turn, you stumble. Wouldn't feel very good, will it? Ergo, in order to avoid such a discomfited situation before it arises, it's time to nip the bud in the start. Speculating over how to go about it? Have a look:

Group of Friend


You are sitting with a group of your friends in a coffee house and discussing each other's favorite television show. It's your turn now...

Here's how to deal with the situation:

Tiya: My favorite sitcom is F.R.I.E.N.D.S.


Amogh: Oh! Yes, yes. I have heard a lot about this show.

Tiya: It is very liked by  youngsters. The show is an old one yet it still holds its charm.

Siddharth: I am extremely curious about this show... I have overheard a number of people discussing it. What does the concept of the show revolve around?

Tiya: Look, the show is based on six close friends, who have known each other since their school and college days. They all reside in one building but own their individual apartments. Overall, a light- headed, entertaining show that revolves around the events taking place in the lives of these six friends.

Ankita: Seems interesting...

Tiya: It really is, once you begin to start watching it, you happen to get hooked onto the show. The entire series works on the continuation of their life stories, drama, emotions, and celebrations.

Purnima: So, these six characters you keep mentioning... What are their names?

Tiya: Rachel, Ross, Monica, Chandler, Pheobe and Joey.

Amogh: I am definitely going to catch a glimpse of this show as soon as I get home. Sounds really engaging.

Tiya: It indeed is.

Trial and error:

The advantage you get while talking to your close friends in English is that, even if you happen to make a mistake, it is just fine. Don't lose your flow, instead pick yourself up and continue with confidence. Those are just your friends and it is okay if they correct you. Be flexible and open- minded. When among friends always try to speak in English as they could assist you in straightening your spoken English skills in a fun yet effective way.


Learning  English language gives you an edge above the rest. No matter what situation you find yourself trapped in, the knowledge of English will work wonders throughout your life.

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- By Monika Agarwal

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